bondi knowledge management




bondi knowledge management

Summary of report

This report will be about the management plan that will be implemented to ensure that the knowledge and information used in the opening of the second campus, is productive and profitable. The information and knowledge of a company is one of the most powerful assets and should always be managed carefully and effectively. Making a new campus will take a lot of knowledge and information and therefore being able to utilise the information that is already available from the current campus is a great advantage.

Recent studies have shown that more international students are choosing Victoria, Melbourne to study because of the cheaper cost of living and more peaceful city. AHBC will be offering many course such as certificate courses up to advanced diploma in management. Apart from business related courses, AHBC will also offer Hairdressing courses to students. The exact location has not been decided yet, however the management team will be contacting the real commercial website to find potential available locations.

206 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, sees like a good location to create a college, close to all the shops.

Types of information you will need to gather (summary explanation why each piece is necessary)

Financial System– The financial system and position of the company is one of the major factors that affect the decision to expand. Almost any company has the potential to expand at a tremendous rate and even expand internationally. However all this growth and development will take a lot of money and resources and therefore the financial budget will affect the success of the second campus a lot.

Communication system – the company will have to communicate using phones, 3 emails, website and meetings.

Management information System – this is very important for any business. It is the way the information is stored. Information should be kept safe.

DSS – when gathering information for the final decision, a DDS system can be very useful in difficult management decisions.

Technology – a lot of technology available in the industry. Everyone wants technology to grow into the strong companies that they aim to have. An example of a piece of technology is the fax machine.

Budget – implementing of a budget will save a lot of money. However for a budget to be effective, the budget must be followed, the CEO must try his best to stay within budget. That is why the CEO must be aware of the budget.

Research and explanations of the types of information systems

Financial Management – Financial management is a very important information system to monitor and analyse. It must be employed into the new campus to ensure that the campus will run smoothly and that there will be no financial problems that will harm the organisation. An accountant team should be used to not only monitor but also give professional and experienced recommendations to improve the profitability and efficiency of the company.

There are two very good systems to use. MYOB is one of the most used accounting software to aid accountants. It was also be used by any other person that is concerned with the financials of a company. MYOB or (Mind Your Own Business) was created to simplify the accounts factor of a business. The other program is Wiener financial system which works similarly to MYOB. Having two systems can be useful for double checking to see if one program is different.


bondi knowledge management
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her program is Wiener financial system which works similarly to MYOB. Having two systems can be useful for double checking to see if one program is different.

POS terminal The Point of Sale terminal is a great new innovation that has made money transfers a lot easier. It is replacing the cash drawer as it is all done through EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at position of sale). Creating an POS account with ANZ will have great benefits.

Reception – when paying through EFTPOS the reception will not gain any GST with ANZ. The reception will be under the HSBC bank and must take care of many transfers.

Management Information Systems – Information is a very powerful tool for any company and therefore must be effective and efficient. The management information system must be organised, easy to access however impossible for unauthorised personnel to access. It should be safe and secure as the management information of the company is private and very important.

Communication Systems

  • Telephone –
  • Email – hotmail / outlook
  • TPG or DODO for cheapest internet prices
  • Wifi Router – 4 routers spread out in the area
  • Messengers
  • Data Storage – the best data storage would have to be cloud server with a secure password. A hard drive can also be used but it can also be easily accessed and configured. A 1TB external will about $150 however a cloud server will cost more in the long run. but the cloud server s more safe.

    Computers systems – Computers are one of the most important technologies required in any college.

    Internet – internet must be high speed to allow fast research to students.

    Information management Systems – Knowledge and information is extremely important and must be stored in a safe and easily accessible location that is effective and efficient.

    Data security – College information and knowledge must be protected at all times.

    Website – An online presence will give students and customers more information and better accessibility to the online facilities of the college.

    I would first train employees to teach them how to effectively and efficiently use technology to make their jobs easier and take less time. This will be very beneficial during peak activity when speed is as important as quality.

    I will ensure that the organisation has access to the latest technology which will allow workers to work more and more efficiently. This will cost more but will be worth it as…


    bondi knowledge management
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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