BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster mam




BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster mam

BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Task 1.

Feed forward control

This method of controlling is to try prevent any hazards or problems from occurring. This is important because if the problem can be prevented, there is no need for a problem to be solved or fixed. This is a way for managers to control the situation right from the beginning and make sure that no one is in harm. Having a secure feed forward control is a good way to prevent any hazards from happening. A good example of a feed forward control is to test materials used. Tests such as hardness testing or imperfection testing can prevent any hazards from potentially happening. An ultrasound test is a good way to see if there are any imperfections in the material used. Imperfections can lead to cracks or holes that will be a very dangerous threat in some situations.

Concurrent Control

This type of controlling can be used to stop a hazard while it is in progress. This can act as a checklist for pilots or any situation. Pilots must check that everything is in order and therefore make a checklist. This is the most important part of the plane ride as if one thing is not in order it could put everyone on the plane in danger. Example is a miscalculation in the route of a plane ride, and a pilot must change route.

Feedback Control

This is a way to control and stop an event after the problem has become more dangerous than expected. This acts as the last way to save a problem from getting too dangerous and affecting too many people. This could be as simple as cleaning a broken plate that has fell on the ground. This anymore problems occurring such as someone stepping on the broken pieces and getting cut.

Task 2


There were many reasons for the Deepwater Horizon to explode and start spilling millions of litres of oil into the ocean. The first reason was a methane gas tank having too much pressure and expanding into a drilling riser. This methane gas expanded because of an engineer had made a mistake in the pressure and forced the tank to expand. This caused an large explosion and made the whole oil rig to burn in flames and start spilling oil.

There should have been more than one engineer checking the pressure and a team to watch over every aspect of the oil rig. The communication was not at a good standard and the company was just too focused on making money.

If someone had talked to the engineer before the drilling started, this whole disaster could have been prevented by the managers were sick of waiting and wanted the money as soon as possible.


BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster mam
Last updated: Feb 2024

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f waiting and wanted the money as soon as possible.

The oil was not built well enough to prevent this from happening. The tank should have been made of a much stronger material. The feed forward controls were not planned well enough. A automatic switch which could turn off the whole operation should have been installed and ready to hit once the drilling had commenced. The structure of the oil rig was built with poor safety procedures and safety equipment. Once the explosion had happened, the structure had nothing else that could prevent the oil from stopping. This was the main reason why the damage to the environment was so large.

Task 3

There should have been an automated monitoring system which could detect any flaws in the process and terminate the operation straight away. The oil rig should have had a formal and very thorough checklist of the structure. Every part of the oil rig should have been in order and check multiple times. There were not enough concurrent control systems such as a terminate switch or containment plan which would stop the gas leaking or the oil spreading throughout the ocean.

Sensors could have been in place to watch all parts of the drilling riser, drilling rig and other parts which caused this disaster. The engineers monitoring the gas pressure should have been communicating with the official project managers to have all necessary information to make the operation as safe as possible. An automatic pressure valve should have been used to prevent the pressure from reaching a dangerous level. The pressure can be controlled using computers that stop the pressure once it is too high.

Every step of the procedure should be analysed and every situation should have been though about. Engineers should be smart about thinking about all possible scenarios and preventing them from happening. Calculations and safety procedures are things that engineers need to take care of at all times.

Task 4

One of the many reasons why engineers get paid much more to stay in the Oil Rig industry is because of the higher risks and dangerous environment of and Oil Rig. Therefore people should know that the dangers of an Oil rig are extremely dangerous and people should always be careful. Being in an environment which is surrounded by flammable gases and oil should make people feel extra careful about any machines in the Oil Rig. Anything that could even make a spark could set of an explosion. This should make the workers in the Oil Rig extra cautious about every detail of the operation. There should be ways to contain or stop explosions from occurring. If a problem happens there should be automatic system which should prevent the machines from continuing to operate.

The workers were not expecting anything wrong to happen. The company was in a rush to make money and therefore did not do all the check before operating. The response was so slow because the disaster was so unexpected and so sudden as well. As soon as the explosion occurred it was too late for all workers to do anything. The Oil Rig was in the middle of the ocean and therefore is very…


BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster mam
Last updated: Feb 2024

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