BSBADM405 Assessment 1 – Additional resource




BSBADM405 Assessment 1 – Additional resource

Additional Resource

Assessment 1


Organise Meetings

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Assessment Event 1KnowledgeQuestions

The information contained in this assessment event lists the questions that you will need to develop a written response. These questions are theoretical and provide evidence of your understanding of documents, processes, and legislation in relation to organising and providing support to a meeting.

Each question includes the requirements which indicate what you have to do and the depth of your response to achieve a satisfactory result.

Question 1

Describe culturally appropriate communication techniques in meetings.

  • provide a minimum of three techniques
  • word count is approximately 25 words per technique.
  • Resources to assist with Q1.


    BSBADM405 Assessment 1 – Additional resource
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    Question 2

    Using the table below, list the key components of a meeting agenda and meeting minutes for a formal meeting.

  • include a minimum of seven components for an agenda and minutes
  • word count is not critical.
  • Resources to assist with Q2.



    Question 3

    Using the table below, identify five legislations that have impact on meetings and provide an explanation on their key provisions.

  • select five legislations and explain their relevance to meetings
  • these legislations must be accurate in terms of name and date
  • word count for explanations is approximately 25 words per legislation.
  • Student to provide both;

    – a brief explanation of the legislation

    – the relevance and impact of the legislation on formal meetings

    Resources to assist with Q3 are below.


    BSBADM405 Assessment 1 – Additional resource
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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