BSBADM405 Assessment 2 – Additional resource




BSBADM405 Assessment 2 – Additional resource

Assessment 2 – Additional Resource


Organise Meetings

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Assessment Event 2: My Career Unlimited Simulation

In this assessment, you will undertake a number of tasks associated with supporting a meeting for My Career Unlimited. The focus is on organising a meeting that has its agenda item as the challenges that students face in their study.

My Career Unlimited. In this simulation you will perform the following actions:

  • plan your meeting
  • prepare for your meeting
  • participate in the meeting
  • dispatch minutes.
  • Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this set of requirements that underpin this simulation. This includes understanding the background of the simulation and the criteria you will be assessed on. These are located in the Appendix A of this document.

    Task 1: Plan meeting arrangements

    In this task, you will demonstrate your preparation skills in planning a meeting.

    1.1 Identify the type and purpose of the meeting

  • identify the type of meeting
  • state the purpose
  • word count is approximately 50 words.
  • To address the above, students to complete the table below.


    Appendix A – Simulation background

    Work book p5

    1.2 Identify and comply with any legal or ethical requirements

  • use the table below and enter two legal requirements
  • explain how they would comply with legislation
  • word count is approximately 25 words per legislation.
  • To address 1.2, students to complete the table below.

    Refer to Assessment 1, Question 3 for a list of Acts. Students to select 2 of the Acts and for each Act note;

    a) One legal requirement that impacts meetings

    b) How you will comply with that requirement for this meeting


    BSBADM405 Assessment 2 – Additional resource
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    b) How you will comply with that requirement for this meeting

    1.3 Identify requirements for this meeting

  • list two meeting requirements and provide an explanation of each
  • identify attendee’s requirements:
  • send an email to two attendee’s requested needs for the meeting
  • on receipt list the requirements
  • attach evidence of this email exchange in the Student Assessment Workbook
  • word count is approximately 50 words.
  • To address R1, complete the table below

    Resource to assist;

    Work book pages 10 – 15

    To address R2, complete the email below.

    Dear (list 2 students names) ,

    You will be attending our first meeting of the year under the new initiative “My Career Unlimited”.

    This email is to identify if you have any needs for our upcoming meeting planned for _____________ (enter date of your meeting).


    (your name)

    Meeting Coordinator

    The above 2 students replied, noting the following needs/requirements for the meeting;

    Special needs noted by the students



    students to note above, 2 needs/requirements for the meeting.

    For example, refer to;

    1.4 Plan for meeting

  • complete the Meeting Plan Template which contained:
  • minimum of seven actions
  • costs, timeframe and outcomes
  • word count is not critical.
  • To complete R1 above, update the table below.

    Actions are tasks you need to do, to get ready for the meeting. For examples, refer to the resources below;

    Task 2: Prepare and distribute documentation

    In this task, you will demonstrate yourorganisational skills by implementing the actions from your meeting plan.

    2.1 Prepare notice of meeting

  • develop a draft email giving notification of the meeting:
  • background is clear
  • include specific description of the attachments
  • summarise essential details that are accurate
  • word count for your draft is approximately 100– 150 words.
  • To complete R1, draft an email, an example email template is provided below. Students can also draft their own template.

    Dear students,

    I am pleased to invite you to the first meeting for the My…


    BSBADM405 Assessment 2 – Additional resource
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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