BSBADM409A – Coordinate Business Resources




BSBADM409A – Coordinate Business Resources

Business resources are generally anything that the business needs to operate. There are 4 different categories of resources, Physical resources, Intellectual resources, human resources and financial resources. All of these resources are needed by the business to operate.

It is important to assess organisational; requirements because it allows the organisation has all the resources need to operate effectively and carry out any projects for development and improvement. Assessing organisation requirements also identifies whether there are any resources that have not been considered or if the requirements are too high for the company.

It is important to look at the stock level reports and identify if there were any shortages or excess resources that were wasted. You can then use these figures to assess whether the organisation needs to increase or reduce the resources purchased and consumed.

Some ways to monitor resources are:

Sustainability – sustainability is a very effective way of saving money, by reducing the amount of resources used. The most common example would be reducing the amount of energy consumed to save money on electricity bills.

Buy Second hand equipment and tools – Although many business owners want their café to look and feel new, second hand items can still be in very good condition, and can save a significant amount of money.

Social Media Advertising – Advertising costs can be very expensive. Television, Radio, Newspaper, etc are all mass media advertising and can cost too expensive for small businesses. Using social media can help grow business such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In order to develop a resource plan, you must first consult with staff:

  • Investors because they invest money into the company for the company to grow. They are selling, or investing their money, for the hope of bigger returns.
  • Employees are trading their personal skills and services for a salary
  • Managers assist with the managing and guidance of staff for money.
  • Suppliers trade supplies and raw materials for cash
  • Trainers trade their expertise in training and coaching employees for cash.
  • Cleaners trade their cleaning skills and services for cash.
  • You must then look at the budget to identify previous resource requirements.

    Table comparing Bulk Ordering and JIT Ordering

    The delivery must be checked for the following things:

  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Any damages
  • Incorrect orders
  • The business plan plays a key role in allocating resources throughout a business so that the objectives set in the plan can be met.

    Once you have reviewed your progress to date and identified your strategy for growth, your existing business plan may look dated and may no longer reflect your business’ position and future direction.

    When you are reviewing your business plan to cover the next stages, it’s important to be clear on how you will allocate your resources to make your strategy work.

    A budget is useful for improving the profit o...

    BSBADM409A – Coordinate Business Resources
    Last updated: Jan 2022

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    f the company. the budget makes sure that the business controls its expenses and only uses money for the necessary things. A budget can be used to effectively plan out the fund raising resources and make sure that there is enough resources for the whole project.

    The best method for keeping track of the fundraising resources is to record each transaction or receipt carefully and make sure that the records are kept safe. This can be useful for double checking that the record amount matches with the physical amount. This can also be used to easily find out how much resources were used during a period of time.

    The fund raising team needs to know the method well in order to implement the fund raising effectively. Without knowledge of the method, they may not make the right decisions or actions and this could cause more problems in the fundraising.

    Records Management

    Records must be kept for at least 5 years until they are no longer needed. This is a government policy for every company to follow. If this policy is not followed it will be a violation of government laws and destruction of evidence.

    Accounts and Finance (include ATO Compliance)

    Making sure that the measurements are reliable and proper is another government policy. No bias or taking sides should be done when preparing the measure.

    Workplace Safety

    All employers are responsible for their employees and are liable for fines if they are not complying with the OHS standards for workplace safety. The risks of a government must be reduce as much as possible to ensure that the employees are not in any danger or risk.


  • Employees
  • Communication
  • Effort
  • Complaints
  • efficiency
  • Teams
  • Teamwork
  • Goals
  • Encouragement
  • Leadership
  • New product or service
  • Sales
  • Profits
  • Reputation
  • Stock Take

    A Stock take is a physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory, as a basis for accurate inventory audit and valuation.

    Stocktaking is essential to all businesses in the licensed trade, as it enables you to check that your business is performing to its projected forecast, and that you are receiving the gross profit that you had intended.

    All stock should be given a code using an rf scaning system. RF Scanning allows the company to easily scan stock into the inventory database, and whenever stock is taken out, it will be rf scanned again. This is an efficient electronic stock control system.

    This is the First in First out method of stock circulation which means that…


    BSBADM409A – Coordinate Business Resources
    Last updated: Jan 2022

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