BSBCRT501 Assessment




BSBCRT501 Assessment


Assessment 1

Part A: Completed Report on their Research Process

Organisation: Hair Salon – Hair Sway

  • Research Findings
  • The overall marketing performance of the company was good but there are many issues that were identified and many changes that need to be made. Overall, the customers were happy with the service however, there are many suggestions which can help to improve the performance and customer’s satisfaction.

    There can be many reasons for the performance gaps. The following could cause the issues that the company is facing:

  • As a new entrant to the market, Hair Sway lacks brand equity that many of its competitors have earned over years of service. 
  • The struggle to appear continually on the edge in terms of fashion and style.
  • Large costs associated with a start-up company.
  • Research methods
  • Surveys: Surveys are good to getting market data from the customers
  • Questionnaires: Questionnaires are good for feedback and monitoring performance
  • Interviews: Interviews give the organisations a detailed overview of the performance
  • Focus groups: Focus groups will help to discuss different issues and identify key opportunities
  • Telephones surveys: Telephone surveys are good to getting market data from the customers
  • Feedback: Feedback from customers is very important for identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Organisational Needs
  • Increase marketing volume and change advertising strategies

    Increasing the marketing volume will improve the effectiveness of the strategies and changing the strategies to meet the customer needs such as marketing on facebook and Thai websites.

    Develop a new products and services to attract new customers

    New products and services will attract new customers and will also attract customers that already tried the first products and services. A new products and services usually has improved quality and trends.

    Distribute e-coupons to increase sales and marketing.

    E-coupons such as from groupon will attract a lot of new customers and is a great way for the customers to try the new products and services at a discount price.

  • Influencing Factors
  • Hair Sway’s marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing: Hair Sway’s pricing scheme will be based on a com...

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  • petitive pricing model with other similar service providers.

  • Distribution: All of Hair Sway’s services and products will be dispensed from its centrally located store.
  • Advertising and Promotion: Locating the store in a high traffic mall will significantly increase visibility.  A targeted advertising campaign will also communicate Hair Sway’s desired messages.
  • Customer Service: All of Hair Sway’s employees have been trained in exceptional customer service.  All employees have discretion to remedy any problems encountered on their own without having to first receive permission from a supervisor.
  • Commercialisation Opportunities
  • Promotion

    The company has identified the best ways to advertise for this type of industry. The first way would be to advertise using posters and flyers and distributing them into peoples mailboxes. This is effective and will be the areas attention of the service. The other ways are through radio and newspaper. These are more expensive but most high income business workers read the newspaper regularly. After the company has gotten a large enough customer base, the company will start advertising through websites and emails.

    Sales Strategy

    The beauty shop will also have a variety of different beauty products that have marked prices on them. Customers are free to look at the products, and we will have one employee that is in the shop for assisting customers to find the products that they are looking for.

  • Similar Concepts
  • Target Audience
  • The target audience is all people that are interested in the hair Salon services. This could include all types of customers from:

  • Low to high Income
  • Local or regular to the area
  • Stylish and artistic
  • Most age groups
  • Both men and women are targeted because the hair salon can offer both male and female hair cutting services.
  • Office Workers – the office workers usually prefer to be well groomed and tidy and therefore will be more likely to visit the hair salon more often.
  • The target audience is very broad and could potentially be everyone because almost everyone needs to cut their hair.

  • Ideas.
  • Part B

    Email to Stakeholders

    Dear Stakeholders

    I have created this list which shows the key changes and marketing strategies which I will be implementing for Hair Sway.

    Kind Regards


    BSBCRT501 Assessment
    Last updated: Jan 2022

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