BSBMGT401 Assessment 1




BSBMGT401 Assessment 1

BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace

Assessment Task 1- Case Study

Question 1

a) What expectations and/ or requirements would the organisation have about Jennifer’s knowledge of the organisation, her performance and behaviour as a frontline manager?

As the team manager the organization can expect a person with full of leadership skills and a person who can develop and coaching people in her team and they can also expect an engaging speaker who love getting out and interacting with audience. To work as a frontline manager Jennifer presentations must be entertaining and full of practical content delegates can use immediately to give the best benefit for organization.

b) What sources of workplace information are available to help Jennifer in establishing the organisation’s requirements?

Team member would be the best thing to help Jennifer to get through because without their support she wouldn’t know the process of her new role and with her team manager skills it will improve the organization requirement for her.

c) How could Jennifer monitor her own performance?

Ask a team member to give her a feedback and also do evaluate herself to find the gap in her performance.

Question 2

a) Describe how Matthew can behave as a positive role model to his team during this period of change.

Use a positive communication and showing appreciation because when they feel recognised, and appreciated for what they do at work, most of workers are more inclined to feel satisfied at work, and more motivated and engaged to work harder. Appreciation can be shown in many ways through awards, promotions, pay increases, and internal communications

Question 3

Describe the characteristics of an effective performance plan.

Objectives should be clear: The objectives of appraisal should be clear and specific. An effective performance system will always have specific appraisal attributes to match the employee’s job description.

Data should be valid and reliable: An effective performance appraisal system provides data that is consistent, reliable and valid. It supplies data according the objective that serves the purpose of performance appraisal and succession planning.

Performance criteria should be well defined: Effective performance appraisal has standard appraisal forms, rules and appraisal procedures. It will have well defined performance criteria and standards.

Economical and less time consuming: Effective performance appraisal systems are designed to be economical and less time consuming to bring maximum benefits.

Should initiate follow up: A post appraisal talk should be arranged for employees to get feedback from their managers. It also helps the organization to learn about the problems and difficulties the employees might be facing and discover suitable training

BSBMGT401 Assessment 1
Last updated: Feb 2022

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Question 4

a) Develop a range of key performance indicators that would be suitable to monitor and report on the performance of customer service officers. If you are currently employed you may develop key performance indicators to measure performance in your own work team.

Here is the 8 KPIs that Impact customer satisfaction:

– First call resolution – The percentage of calls that the agent resolves the caller’s issue without having to escalate, transfer or return the call.

– Percentage of calls blocked – The percentage of callers that received a busy tone when they call.

– Average time in queue – The average amount of time callers wait in call queues before an agent responds.

– Average after call work time – The average amount of time an agent spends completing work related to the call after they finish the call.

– Service level – The percentage of calls answered within a specified number of seconds.

– Average abandonment rate – The percentage of callers who hang up before reaching an agent.

– Agent turnover rate – The percentage of agents who leave the call center.

– Average speed of answer – The average amount of time it takes for the call to be answered by an agent or the Automatic Call Distributor.

Question 5

a) Describe the method you would use to communicate with your senior manager regarding an issue you have identified with the organisation’s standards or values.

– Open with results and outcomes. Make sure you can quantify what you achieved. Good effort is no excuse for lack of results because senior manager must focus on the financials

– Be prepared to explain more. Once a manager has been provided the results, be ready to outline “the how” if asked. This helps them know the key steps for success. Great organizations always look for ways to replicate strong results in other departments or take them system wide. Also show calculations if requested.

b) How would you respond if you were required to behave in a way that did not align with your personal values?

– When this happens, one common scenario is to push harder. You put on a great game face and tell yourself that this will pass, to just ignore it and it will go away. Sometimes it does go away briefly. You fill your life with activity and distractions

– Increased clarity about why you might be feeling stuck right now

– Feel less guilty and more confident in your actions by understanding why you do the things you do

– Choose nurturing relationships with people who complement and support your values

– Make better, faster decisions about your career, your business and your life!

c) How would you model behaviours to team members that would encourage them to contribute to developing an organisation which has integrity and credibility?

– Tell the truth : Pick out those with leadership or other valued…


BSBMGT401 Assessment 1
Last updated: Feb 2022

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