BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task 3 (1)




BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task 3 (1)

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

Assessment Task 3


It has been six months since the implementation of the WHS management system across all stores at Pitstop. The implementation has been carried out concurrently with the expansion of the business, which will soon number 30 stores, growing from a single store two years ago. The number of employees has grown from 20 to 160 over the course of the implementation of the WHSMS.

Signs are that the rollout has been moderately successful in about half the stores. Initial feedback from store managers and employees was positive; however the implementation seems to have lost momentum.

Performance management, audit and reporting

A WHS audit is a good way to check for compliance levels and how to improve the WHS. The Audits will be done by WHS government officials and therefore the company can know how it officially has performed. Though audits may seem intimidating, they can help you improve the workplace WHS.

The WHS can also help with environmental impacts that the organisation has. Companies must disposed of waste appropriately to avoid damaging the environment. Also saving energy will help improve the environmental impact.

WHS affects the organisations public image significantly. Occupational health and safety will affect the company by showing the stakeholder how much the company cares about quality and hygiene. Whs is also about providing a safe and comfortable workplace for all stakeholders. Customers would not like to go to a store that is dangerous, dirty or unsafe. Therefore the customers and stakeholders will avoid dealing with the company and therefore the company loses profits.

The repercussions of poor health and safety management and practice can result in loss of customers due to poor hygiene and unsafe workplaces. Also customers will not want to purchase the products that have come from unhygienic places. Employees will not want to work in a dangerous and unhygienic workplace and therefore the company will have trouble retaining high quality staff.


Reporting incidents and injuries is necessary in any situation. It is a legal requirement and must be followed. The procedure to report these incidents and injuries is in a log book as well. The incidents ar...

BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task 3 (1)
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e written down with a short detail and the time and date next to it. The controls and methods used to handle the incident is also record for future use. There must be the statement from the victim of the incident and other health documents.

The records will include the updates on the hazards and problems in the workplace. The employees should record the problems in the committee. The records should be listed down and then decide their priorities and which records should be handled first. The hazards that have high priority are usually the most dangerous or easiest problems to fix.

This works significantly well because it allows the committee to decide on which problems to deal with next. The order in which the committee decides on is usually the most logical and convenient.

The reasons for keep OHS records is in case an incident is repeated, they can look at the records and see what the best way to resolve the incident was. The organization improves them by looking at which incidents and injuries which occur the most. This information can be used to reduce the amount of times the incidents will happen.

Improvement of the WHS management system

A consultation is like a meeting which involves discussing and analysing risk event and how to prevent these risks from occurring. The consultation will consist an member of the management team consulting the employees on any information which will benefit the management team to make the restaurant safer and more efficient. Consultation is not just asking for information but involves discussing and giving back feedback to employees. I would not engage my staff in a serious way because this issue must be open and every opinion is needed to make a good restaurant.

Engaging the staff will help me and my management team find the hazards and identify possible ways of fixing or controlling the hazards. This will keep workers safe and makes them work faster and may also increase the quality of the food being made. The workers are the ones who work directly with the equipment and the restaurant so their opinions and suggestions are the ones who have the best ideas. Any solutions or controls will also affect them more than management teams.

I would engage my staff very frequently because it is important to keep up to date with hazards and risks. The workplace will change every day and risks and hazards occur every day, so it is important to regularly check up on OH&S issues. The management team will hold OH&S meetings every few months to prioritise and identify all risks and incident reports. This can ensure that the restaurant knows how to prevent as many incidents and hazards as possible. Ignoring hazards will cause extremely dangerous problems and some hazards get worse and worse the long they are ignored. This is why the priority of hazards is important.

I would engage my staff in consultation with management of OH&S issues by firstly managing frequent meetings which consists of all staff in the restaurant. These meetings will be as frequent as once per week. In these meetings, all staff has their right to voice their opinion. It is important that everyone has their right to an opinion because the management team cannot make the best decisions based on their knowledge only. The more knowledge and accuracy of the knowledge will help them identify and find the best ways to solve these problems.

This means the meetings will be comfortable, friendly and easy going. Everyone will experience different risks and accidents because of faulty equipment or dangerous…


BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task 3 (1)
Last updated: Jul 2022

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