BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task -3 1




BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task -3 1

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

Assessment Task 3


Pitstop is a privately owned company that until recently operated one independent service station in Melbourne’s north. The owner, chairman and CEO, Jim Murphy, has run the company for the past five years. He has operated service stations for most of the last 25 years and relies on his hands-on approach to monitor and instruct staff on what to do.

In the past eight months, Pitstop has raised sufficient finance to buy out the Independent Service Station (ISS) chain of nine stores across Victoria, NSW and Queensland and rebrand them all as Pitstop. Jim plans to continue the expansion until the optimum target of 30 service stations is secured for the Victoria, NSW and Queensland market.

In order to ensure that the WHSMS and its accompanying documentation will meet the needs and expectations of all Pitstop employees across Victoria, NSW and Queensland, you are piloting your WHSMS implementation in the Wollongong, NSW service station. Pitstop Wollongong is the service station with the most WHS incidents to-date, with a representative workforce of relatively new employees and with only a few long-serving staff.

It has been six months since the implementation of the WHS management system across all stores at Pitstop. The implementation has been carried out concurrently with the expansion of the business, which will soon number 30 stores, growing from a single store two years ago. The number of employees has grown from 20 to 160 over the course of the implementation of the WHSMS.

Incident report


Performance management, audit and reporting


The aim of the policy is to establish Pitstop’s commitment to ensuring occupational health and safety for workers, contractors and visitors in accordance with the work health and safety Act 2011 (NSW).


The Scope of the WHS policy covers employees, Pitstop contractors and visitors. This policy seeks to successfully achieve the strategic priorities as outlined the Pitstop strategic plan.


This commitment shall be fulfilled by ensuring:

  • Our people are informed of and understand their responsibilities and demonstrate commitment to accountability and leadership in health, safety and environment.
  • Our people are trained to conduct their work safety through the provision of innovative and high quality training programs which meet the diverse needs of our organisation.
  • We promote active participation and recognise the value of involving our people in health an...

    BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task -3 1
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  • d safety consultation. We will demonstrate leadership by delivering innovative and effective communication across the organisation.

  • We understand our risk profile and seek to eliminate and reduce our health and safety risks through effective hazard and risk management processes.
  • We actively prevent injuries and illness to our people and provide effective and supportive injury management programs. We conduct quality incident investigations and implement corrective actions to ensure prevention of injury and illness.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and any other relevant requirements, statutory acts and regulations.
  • Allocating adequate resources to plan for and maintain a safe, healthy and supportive working environment, including the engagement of suitably qualified and competent persons to support and deliver on PITSTOP’s health and safety commitment.
  • Measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of OHS performance and the OHSMS by setting strategies, objectives and targets to enable regular management review and to ensure continued improvement in the elimination of work-related injury and illness.
  • Procedures

    Refer to WHS manual.

    Responsibility for implementation

    The Chief Executive Officer us ultimately responsible for ensuring that safe systems of work are established, implement and maintained. The management team is responsible for:

  • The effective implementation and regular review of WHS procedures
  • Ensuring warden and first aid officer roles are fulfilled and adequately trained.
  • Consultation with employees and HSR regarding WHS issues and changes to legislation and/or working practices which may affect the health, safety or welfare of employees
  • Providing and maintaining a safe system of working practices
  • Providing support, training and supervision to employees to ensure safe and healthy workplace practices are carried out, including relevant first aid training where appropriate
  • Providing adequate resources for employees to meet the WHS commitment
  • Related Legislation

     Work Health and Safety 2011 (NSW)

     Work Health and Safey Regulation 2011 (NSW)

    Approved by

    WHS Manager


    The WHS audit will be done to make sure that the event does not have any serious hazards or dangerous that could risk the health and safety of the stakeholders of the event. The WHS audit will inspect any dangers, find any issues with the event and also provide others with the information about the rules and policies of WHS.

    The event premises will also be assessed for any risks and hazards such as slippery floors, uneven tiles, block fire exits. The emergency exits must be clear from any obstacles and all customers and stakeholders must know where the…


    BSBWHS605 WHS Assessment task -3 1
    Last updated: Jul 2022

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