BSBWOR301 –1




BSBWOR301 –1


Assessment 1

Question 1

a. Identify three possible objectives for the fundraising team for the next 12 months. (Ensure your objectives are clear, specific and measurable).

  • permanent protect critical parts of the Australian landscape for the benefit of endangered flora and fauna species
  • purchase key tracts of land and establishing a long-term management plan that protects species indentified as being endangered.
  • Promote community awareness of land conservation practices and principles.
  • b. Describe how Abigail’s task at the meeting would contribute towards the overall team objective

    Abigail must keep an accurate record of what happened at the meeting and what decisions were made. They must take notes in an impartial way and they must not try to impose their own opinions into the notes which have been taken. Abigail must prepare and distribute a formal version of their notes as soon as possible after the meeting is over. They must distribute their formal minutes in good time before the next meeting, so that attendees will have chance to consider them.

    c. Imagine you are Abigail. What new ideas could you contribute that might help the organization improve its systems and processes into the future?

  • Develop new team work practices
  • Make a regular meeting every week
  • Ask each team member to contribute their ideas
  • d. What makes you want to stay at a workplace in the longer term? Write a list of the things that you find motivating about a workplace.

    1. Establish clear development paths

    Your retention efforts should start the first day an employee is on the job. You should have open conversations about a new hire’s professional goals, and use those discussions (and regular check-ins) to come up with a structured development plan.

    2. Allow company culture to guide hiring decisions

    Preserving your company culture is much easier for young companies. With a handful of employees, you often don’t need to worry about cliques forming, managers passing the buck or people skipping out on company events.

    3. Focus on individual contributions

    Most employees play critical roles early in a startup’s life. You might have one salesperson, one developer, one customer liaison and one marketer. If someone skips a meeting, an entire department is underrepresented. As you grow, however, every role is not as essential, and some employees might have trouble seeing the direct impact of their contributions.

    4. Lead by example

    Encourage all leaders in your company to set realistic expectations and over-deliver on promises. Back up words with action, and empower staff members to take responsibility for their roles and contributions.

    5. Watch your winners 

    Most of your high-performing employees likely will receive unsolicited offers to leave your company, often for better pay and benefits.

    Question 2

    Consider these work tasks that might be done in any office environment:

    Question 3: What contingency plans could you put in place for each of the possible workplace problems listed in...

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    this table?

    Question 4

    a. Look at the area where you are working or studying. Do a quick survey and tick or cross the boxes in this table. See how your work/study area rates. Then, give your desk a score from 1 to 10 for how well it is organised.

    b. Shane works for a warehousing and distribution company. Here is an email he is about to send to a group of senior managers inviting them to a training day. Read the email, then alter it to suit the audience. Correct any errors. Add any information you believe is needed-you may need to make up some details.

    Subject: Training Day

    Hi all,

    There is a new Training Day. Make sure that you free you day for this significant Training day. It’s in the city at the same place as previous Training Day. Be there by 10am for a 10:15am start. Please be on time


    Shaney Rowls

    Question 5

    a. Read the scenario, then complete the task that follows.

    Question 6

    a. Complete this performance feedback form for a goal you have been set, either at work or in your study program. When you have completed it, write down what you think your strengths are and the area in which you need to improve.

    Question 7

    a. Describe the problem that has triggered the man’s anger.

    The man had to be charged for $325 instead of $32.50 because the amount of typed incorrectly.

    b. What actions did Sue take were helpful for her supervisor?

  • Sue notes the details
  • Passes the call directly to her supervisor for action.
  • She briefs her supervisor before transferring the call
  • c. What might have happened if Sue had tried to manage the call on her own?

  • Could make the customer more angry
  • Cause provide wrong information or give a bad advice
  • d. How do you think you might feel dealing with a call such as this one?

    I will get frustrated because it is difficult to solve this problem without make one party upset

    e. ...

    BSBWOR301 –1
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