BSBWOR301 Assessment –2




BSBWOR301 Assessment –2

BSBWOR301 Organize personal work priorities and development

Assessment Task 2

1. Draw a chart to represent the organisation’s goals, your team’s goals, your KPIs and your individual work goals.

Retail operation department’s goal

  • Increase sales
  • Identify new markets
  • Research customer needs
  • Identify growth opportunities for staff
  • Support the company goals
  • KPI

  • Applications are processed as directed by Executive Team.
  • Interviews are well prepared and run smoothly.
  • Reference and pre employment checks are conducted efficiently
  • Orientation process is well organised
  • Staff records are updated correctly and Staff Details List.
  • Lists and information are well maintained and current
  • New staff are assisted and well supported
  • 2. Explain how your individual work goals will help the organisation to meet the goals.

    Step 1

    Make meeting the needs of your employees a priority for your business. For example, during periods of economic upheaval, minimize layoffs by exhausting every other budgetary option first. If your employees believe your organization truly cares about providing job security, their faith in you will have a beneficial impact on morale, motivation and employee retention, according to the book “Managing People in the New Economy.”

    Step 2

    Explain how organizational objectives will benefit employees in the long run. For example, if budgetary problems require cutting vacation time, morale will suffer unless you can convince employees it is in their best interest to do whatever is necessary to maintain your organization’s financial stability. In contrast, leaving employees in the dark concerning large-scale initiatives will make them nervous and untrusting.

    Step 3

    Individualize employee incentives to ensure your rewards and benefits programs suit the various needs of your workforce, an approach recommended by the book “How to Manage Performance.” For example, younger workers might prefer extra vacation time, while older workers might opt for enhanced health benefits. Making benefits customizable maximizes their power to motivate workers, who don’t all have the same needs.

    Step 4

    Devote part of your company’s resources to achieving a societal benefit. Employees who believe they’re working for a good cause derive a special sense of satisfaction from their work. For example, if your company produces medical devices, the idea that high-quality work will save lives serves as a powerful motivator, lifting morale and improving performance.


    BSBWOR301 Assessment –2
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    work. For example, if your company produces medical devices, the idea that high-quality work will save lives serves as a powerful motivator, lifting morale and improving performance.

    3. Using the work plan template, prepare your own work plan for the two-week period (1 August to 15 August), putting your tasks in order of priority. Including contingency plans for solving problems that have occurred or may occur in the future.

    4. Explain why it is important for you to have a current work plan, including the possible outcomes if your work plan is not up to date.

    Planning ensures that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task oriented. Planning also provides the framework for informed decision making. Finally, planning allows focus and personal energy direction.

    Planning is important as it allows you to prioritize your work, get more done in less time, helps you to produce quality work and keeps as disciplined.

    5. Describe how you would monitor your work performance to ensure that you are coping well, keeping in mind that tasks and priorities may vary each day and it is important to maintain the quality of products and services you produce.

    I would:

  • Keep an eye on my work and organize my work priorities. It’s most effective ways to monitor job’s performance is with your own eyes. Watching a work’s perform a task will tell you more much about that employee’s performance than just about any batch of data removed from the action. – To ensure my work priorities that have done every day is effective. I need to recheck very carefully, make judgments to avoid any mistake
  • Self-monitoring tools to help to keep track of their actions. They can use project plans, checklists, and activity logs. Employees can monitor whether they are meeting goals and deadlines laid out in a project plan, they can make notations within a checklist as they are accomplishing tasks, they can report to you at regular intervals. Every time an employee moves on to a new activity, if he or she is using an activity log, the employee makes a note of what he or she is doing and when the activity began.
  • 6. Describe how you could gather feedback about your work. Who might you approach and what sort of feedback could they provide?

    Technique I always used to build my team group is

    – Encourage what they do although and give them advice when they need help.

    – Meeting time with the staff will help them to consult what the problem they have.

    – Reward system is help to encourage the staff to work effectively.

    – Divide the task to the right person who has skill or specific knowledge so they will understand the task they have to do and perfectly complete it.

    7. Read the key selection criteria in your position description. Select two areas where you may need to improve your skills. Research a learning option for each area; for example suitable training. Find out how much training will cost, who will deliver it, where it will be held and how the training will benefit you and BizOps

    BSBWOR301 Assessment –2
    Last updated: Jul 2022

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