BSBWOR301 assessment task 2




BSBWOR301 assessment task 2


Assessment 2

1. Draw a chart to represent the organisation’s goals, your team’s goals, your KPIs and your individual work goals.

2. Explain how your individual work goals will help the organisation to meet the goals.

There are many reasons to implement goal alignment, but let’s focus on those with the greatest business impact:

Improves and accelerates operational execution. Move quickly from strategy planning to strategy execution.

Increases employee morale and improves retention. Creates ownership in the organization’s success, resulting in more engaged employees and increased retention rates.

3. Using the work plan template, prepare your own work plan for the two-week period (1 August to 15 August), putting your tasks in order of priority.

Including contingency plans for solving problems that have occurred or may occur in the future.

Name of employee: _John

Name of supervisor/project manager: _Mary

Role/project: _Manager

Date work plan effective from –6/6/16 to: _6/12/16

Performance standard expected:

  • Good communication
  • Team work
  • Code of conduct underpinning this work plan:

    A code of practice is a documented set of recommended or preferred processes, actions or organisational structures to be applied in a given setting.

    The benefits of a code of conduct include:-

  • Creating an agreed way of behaving and operating for the entire company;
  • Improved company performance when linked to the company’s business and strategic objectives;
  • Good company culture – employees know what is expected of them in terms of behaviour;
  • Good communication with employees having a framework to look up when faced with difficult decisions;
  • Having a set of values – having a sense of what the company values are and what the company stands for.
  • Legislation/regulations underpinning this work plan:

    Racial Discrimination

    Racism is something that can be very common in an international organisation, because staff generally need to meet racial requirements. These laws are made to make the workplace a more discrimination and harassment free workplace. An employer has the most responsibility to ensure that the workplace follows all these rules and regulations set by the Equal Employment Opportunity policy.

    Ethical Principles

    Business ethics as a tool for achieving your desired outcome is only the beginning. A small business that instils a deep-seated theme of business ethics within its strategies and policies will be evident among customers. Its overall influence will lead to a profitable, successful company.

    Privacy Laws

    In doing business with some organizations, such as a bank, you are re...

    BSBWOR301 assessment task 2
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    quired to give personal information.

    4. Explain why it is important for you to have a current work plan, including the possible outcomes if your work plan is not up to date.

    Planning ensures that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task oriented. Planning also provides the framework for informed decision making. Finally, planning allows focus and personal energy direction.

    Planning is important as it allows you to prioritize your work, get more done in less time, helps you to produce quality work and keeps as disciplined.

    5. Describe how you would monitor your work performance to ensure that you are coping well, keeping in mind that tasks and priorities may vary each day and it is important to maintain the quality of products and services you produce.

  • Sales reports
  • Deadlines met
  • Error reports
  • Accuracy reports
  • Documents
  • Proposals
  • Plans
  • Budget forecasts
  • Widgets produced
  • 6. Describe how you could gather feedback about your work. Who might you approach and what sort of feedback could they provide?

    There are many ways to communicate to the stakeholders of the company effectively. However most of them will come under 3 main categories. The first category is Face-to-face communication. This is the most effective way to communicate the organisations objectives. Face-to-face communication could be face-to-face conversations, meetings and walk around management. These ways get the most attention from employees. Electronic communication is less personal and less effective than face-to-face communication Emails, messages, phone calls and website communication will not get the employees attention. The last category is by print, such as letters or employee manuals. This is often unnoticed or ignored as it is not personal and does not engage the employee.

    7. Read the key selection criteria in your position description. Select two areas where you may need to improve your skills. Research a learning option for each area; for example suitable training. Find out how much training will cost, who will deliver it, where it will be held and how the training will benefit you and BizOps

    8. You hope to one day work your way up to the role of marketing manager or a consultant who organise a conference. List any additional skills (in addition to the ones already identified) that you might consider gaining to maintain continuous improvement. Explain how these skills will assist you in your career path.

  • Work colleagues and supervisors are often one of the best teachers and mentors when trying to find development opportunities. They will be the ones that you are closest to and work with the most. You can discuss any problems that you are facing when trying to develop skills.
  • Team meetings can also help people identify opportunities for me to…
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    BSBWOR301 assessment task 2
    Last updated: Jul 2022

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