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BSBWRT301A Student Guide WP

ASSESSMENT 1 Project 1

Total Assessment 1 length should be 800 1500 words.

You must accurately reference all of your external sources of information


You task is to produce at least 4 different simple documents for the workplace.

Documents could include:

  • Email
  • Report
  • Presentation folder
  • Letter of correspondence
  • Answer Sheet (Expandable)

    ASSESSMENT 2 knowledge questioning

    Total Assessment 2 Length should be 500 – 700 words.

    Answer Sheet (Expandable)

  • Describe...

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  • “key principles” of communication.

  • When planning your documents what do you have to consider?
  • Why should you prepare a draft document?
  • When reviewing a document you can use mark-up. What formats can be used to view the documents in?
  • How should you proof-read a document?
  • What 5 requirements might be included when creating a document for an organisation?
  • What 5 methods does the Australian Tax Office use to communicate?
  • What are the three main methods you can use to send a document to the intended recipient?
  • Why is it important to get a document approved by relevant personnel before finalizing it?
  • What do you need to ensure whenever storing or naming a document?
  • Assessment 3 Project 2

    Total Assessment 3 Length should be 500 – 700 words.


    Your task for this assessment is to research and write a document about the various styles of communication that you can use in the workplace. The document must be presented in a professional format as a hand out to staff, and can be designed for a company of your choosing.

    The document should contain all of the following things:

  • Company colour scheme
  • Company logo
  • Consistent corporate image
  • Organisation name, time, date, document title, filename etc. In header/footer
  • Answer Sheet (Expandable)


    BSBWRT301A Student Guide WP
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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