manage biz docs 1




manage biz docs 1

Manage Business Documents Design and Development


Assessment 1

Part 1- Establish document standards



1.Who is our contact for your unit or organization? How should we make contact with you? (name, unit, telephone, e-mail)

2.Please provide a brief description of the project (e.g. design a database application, design and build a web site, improve the look and feel of a web site).

3.How many users (approximately) will the system have? If possible, list them by name, job group (e.g. all AP analysts) or by unit.

  • 1 to 5 users
  • 5 – 20 users
  • more than 20 users
  • B.Existing System Background Information

    1.Please provide a description of the current business process.

    2.What is the ultimate result of the business process? (e.g. a document is generated, data is collected from a population, a decision is made)

    3.Please provide a simple process map (attach) or narrative statement of the business processes that the proposed system will cover (Visio works wel).

    4.Please list each type of person in the business process and their activity. (e.g. submitter, reviewer, approver)



    Which Documents are used:



    Purchase Order

    Petty Cash Form

    Delivery Note


    a) ensure format of documents is appropriate to purpose and intended audience for document

    All documents must be appropriate to their uses. The documents must be written to help the audience understand and read easily.

    b) displays

    manage biz docs 1
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    "> information in a way that enhances readability

    Title should provide a good identification of the document. Font must be standard and consistent and colours should be as simple as possible. Darker colours are better because they are easier to read.

    c) outline how documents should be named & stored

    Documents must be named with all-capital letters and stored into their appropriate folders. They should also have the date that it was created.

    d) address:

    i. font

    Arial 12

    ii. spacing

    1.5 spacing

    iii. bullet and numbering

    bullets and standard and number are standard

    iv. headings

    headings must be Bold and Underlined and size 14

    v. margins

    Margins are default



  • An employee’s contract of employment may be terminated by either the employer or the employee gibing the notice required by the applicable award or the industrial relations act 1990.
  • Where the prescribed notice is not given, the employee shall be paid wages, in Lieu of notice, or the employer may withhold wages due to the employee, as the case may be equivalent to the notice not given or received.
  • Part 2

  • Notwithstanding part 1 above, where any employee is guilty of misconduct, the contract of employment may be terminated instantaneously. In such cases there is no requirement for the giving of notice or payment in lieu of notice.
  • Where it is alleged that an employee is guilty of misconduct, the employee shall be provided with details of the allegations and be given a reasonable opportunity to respond to allegations prior to a decision being made to either terminate the employment or to issue a written warning.
  • Part 3

  • Where it is alleged that an employee’s capacity or performance is unsatisfactory, then the following procedure should be followed. He existence of this procedure shall not prevent an employee being dismissed in accordance with part 2 above.
  • The initial discussion and direction will be provided on an informal basis by the business manager or other authorised person. The employee shall be advised that such discussion forms part of the process arising out of clause 3.1
  • If the problem/s persist the business manager or other authorised person will discuss with employee:
  • The matter/s of concern;
  • Actions necessary to resolve the concerns; and
  • A timetable for improvement to be evidenced
  • Input including explanations will be south from the employee

  • As a result of this discussion the business manager or other authorised person will notify the employee writing regarding those matters in question discussed per clause 3.5 above.
  • The notice will detail:

  • The matter/s of…
  • ...

    manage biz docs 1
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