Manage Business Documents Design And Development 2




Manage Business Documents Design And Development 2

Part 1 – Research Questions

Question 1

A – Layout

Question 2

B – Spreadsheet

Question 3

C- Word Processing

Question 4

c- Word Processing

Question 5

D – Database

Question 6

JB Were Investor Information

The audience of this material are the investors of the company, because the information provides a lot of detailed information about the company and why the investors should consider investing into this company.

Fun for Kids Festival

The audience of this material are the customers. Specifically the material is made for the parents to bring their children and family because the festival is made for the children.

Question 7

Organisations of all types are engaged almost constantly in the process of change. Changes to systems, processes, products, locations and external drivers can all require organisational realignment and a degree of transformation. This can affect a lot of people in the organisation and will only be successful if all stakeholders support and put the effort into supporting the change. This means that any changes to the documentation standards must be followed and new documentation policies need to be considered.

Part 2 – report

Workplace Ergonomics manual


Place the keyboard in a position that allows the forearms to be close to the horizontal and the wrists ...

Manage Business Documents Design And Development 2
Last updated: Jul 2022

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to be straight. That is, with the hand in line with the forearm. If this causes the elbows to be held far out from the side of the body then re-check the work surface height.


Adjust the seat tilt so that you are comfortable when you are working on the keyboard. Usually, this will be close to horizontal but some people prefer the seat tilted slightly forwards.


Avoid cradling the phone between your head and shoulder when answering calls. If you need to use your computer at the same time, use a headset or the phone’s hands-free/speaker-phone capabilities if the environment is suitable.


Set the eye-to-screen distance at the distance that permits you to most easily focus on the screen. Usually this will be within an arm’s length.

Set the height of the monitor so that the top of the screen is below eye level and the bottom of the screen can be read without a marked inclination of the head. Usually this means that the centre of the screen will need to be near shoulder height. Your eyes should be level with the tool bar.


Adjust the height of the work surface and/or the height of the chair so that the work surface allows your elbows to be bent at 90º, forearms parallel with the floor, wrist straight, shoulders relaxed.


Place the monitor to the side of the light source/s, not directly underneath. Try to site desks between rows of lights. If the lighting is fluorescent strip lighting, the sides of the desks should be parallel with the lights. Try not to put the screen near a window. If it is unavoidable ensure that neither the screen nor the operator faces the window.

Glare and reflection

It is important to detect the presence of glare and reflection. To determine whether there is glare from overhead lights, sit down and hold an object such as a book above the eyes at eyebrow level and establish whether the screen image becomes clearer in the absence of overhead glare.

Using a mouse

A well-designed mouse should not cause undue pressure on the wrist and forearm muscles. A large bulky mouse may keep the wrist continuously bent at an uncomfortable angle.

Posture while typing

Good posture is essential for all computer users. You should adopt a natural and relaxed position, providing opportunity for movement, from which you can assume a number of alternative positions.


Manage Business Documents Design And Development 2
Last updated: Jul 2022

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