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Manage Business Technology Self ordering system

Manage Business Technology

Self Ordering System in the restaurant

What is required?

Self Ordering System in the restaurant. Any additional comments can also be made in the order. There will be a Tablet product stuck to the side of the table which can be covered and hidden. It will allow people to order their foods and ask for any extra water, make a new order, cancel an order, anything possible by the waitress.

Why is it required?

This is required because it will save a lot of time and money. Waiters and waitresses will not be needed, which makes the business save money of human labour. The time it takes to wait for the waiter or Waitress to walk to the table and take the order. This also makes people feel less pressured if the waiter comes early for the order.

The orders will be sent directly to the chefs which can see the order easily and read any additional comments

How much will it cost?

The system is quite expensive but will soon be cheaper. The System costs about $1000 + $200 for the number of tables. This is a direct cost that will be installed in 1-2 days and will last for 5 years.

The costs will be direct and short term.

Who will support it?

This technology is new and only implemented in some of the high class restaurants in the world. The system has been very successful and customers feel excited and enthusiastic about the product. The managers of the company will also support this product as it saves money and energy.

Labour costs will be reduced and convenience in increased. Customers will be happy and the cooks may find this display easier to read.

There is still a need for waiters such as cleaning a table and ask for any tips or comments from the waiters.

What are the options: Buy/ Lease/ Hire?

The products can be bought, leased or hired. Buying these products will be the best option as the products will last for a long time and save money from Human labour costs which will return the money very fast. The only reason to lease or hire the product is if there is a newer model being released every few months, making the older models ineffective.

Where will the capital come from?

The capital should come from the business funds. The expense is quite expensive for a large restaurant but the expense will be paid off over time and the system will gradually become more efficient, effective and profitable

What evidence do you have to support the proposal?

There is no problem that has occurred in the restaurant besides the oc...

Manage Business Technology Self ordering system
Last updated: Jul 2022

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casional miscommunications or lack of staff in a day, however this system will solve any problems and save money which will make the company feel more secure and professional. There are some capabilities that this system cannot do which the Waiters can, however this system will significantly reduce the need of waiters, meaning less is needed.

What benefits will it have regard to customer needs, OHS and productivity

Customers may feel uncomfortable ordering in a shot amount of time. This system will allow customers to order at their own pace. Customers will be able to choose different languages that suit them best. The OHS will also be very beneficial as the ordering monitor can be hidden and covered making the table look normal and the monitor will not get damage and dirty. This will save a lot of time and energy for both the waiters and chefs.

What will the impact be should the changed not be approved, direct and indirect – long short term?

The restaurant will not function as effectively and efficiently. The restaurant will also seem less advanced and high class. The impact will not be negative in any way but there will be a very good opportunity lost. The effects will be long term as the company will be missing out on profits for every day that the restaurant waits.

Environmental considerations including sustainability

This system is electronic therefore required some energy. This energy will affect the environment negatively in a slight way but it will save a lot of human energy and labour. The amount of time that the system saves will allow the restaurant to operate faster.

This system will reduce any communication problems meaning that dishes may not be wasted due to wrong orders.

Paper is also used to take orders and for a business restaurant, the paper will be gone very quickly. This system will save a lot of paper in the long term.

The system will be designed to reduce the amount of energy needed. The system will automatically turn off when the display is not used for 3 minutes or the display is folded back into its hiding place.

Methods used to make the proposed choice

The choice will be dependent upon whether the owner wants to invest more money into the restaurants operation. This system will make the restaurants image stronger and the restaurant run more smoothly.

Training may be required but the system will be designed as simple as possible to make it easy for the customers and the chefs to use. The restaurant may also be able to test the product for a few weeks with a small price.

The system is the way of the future and is not implemented in many restaurants. This may scare a lot of restaurants to try it but once the trend starts many restaurants would regret not making the decision to implement the system earlier.



Manage Business Technology Self ordering system
Last updated: Jul 2022

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