manage knowledge and information (1) pim




manage knowledge and information (1) pim

Assessment #1:

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  • This assessment is based on the case study titled- ‘True Home Dreams.’
  • Read the following case study & work on the tasks as asked.
  • Your answer must be typed and submitted to APC internet server by the appointed date.
  • Ensure all tasks are done.
  • No handwritten answers will be accepted.
  • ASSESSMENT # 1: TASK 1: (35 Marks).

    Obtain and analyse information & knowledge relevant to business issues

  • Prepare a report and describe the identified business issue, and explain how you will review staff and customer feedback and various performance control systems, in analysing the identified issue.
  • Explain what type of information would be required to reach the decision of compensation and mention few sources to gather reliable information.
  • Describe how you will test the gather information on the basis of reliability and validity and reject it where appropriate.
  • Check through various formal and informal networks about any work practices/corporate knowledge that has not formalised in the company’s procedures and review appropriately.
  • ASSESSMENT # 1: TASK 2: (35 Marks)

    In the above report also include:

  • What trends and patterns to be identified in the company to define the cause and effect related to business issue?
  • Name few statistical analysis methods that can be used to analysis the gather...

    manage knowledge and information (1) pim
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  • ed information data.

  • Explain how you will ensure that the information gathered or evidence and conclusion drawn from it is through logical approach and error free system.
  • How you will ensure that the management information system/decision support system is meeting the company’s information processing requirements.
  • ASSESSMENT # 1: TASK 3: (30 Marks)

    Take decisions on business issues identified

  • Describe how you will develop a risk management plan to determine the acceptable courses of action
  • Mention various quantitative methods that you would use to make decision related to victim compensation
  • Describe the consultation from other specialist and relevant groups and individual from the organisation, ensuring decisions are taken by all delegated authorities and in accordance with ‘true home dream’ guidelines and procedures.
  • How will you ensure that decision taken on the victim compensation are inconsistent with organisational values, objectives and standards and is timely taken?REFERENCES
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  • TASK 1


    The bad reputation will be effect to the company that make the customer don’t trust in the product and it is effect directly to the legislation that made the company have to lose money in compensation

    OHS policy is important to the worker to work with the safe and good environment so the the business issue in the company is the risk and the hazards , one of the worker didn’t feel that they work in the safety place and this is the big issue that the company has to fix and find the best solution to keep company running well and everyone are happy with it

    The way to review the staff is

  • Make a meeting to know their opinion and the way to fix the problem
  • The list of the problem will be consider on the CEO board
  • Get the feedback from survey , questionnaire and complaint or comment
  • 2

    type of information that would be require to reach the decision of the compensation is

  • The feedback from the customer or the worker
  • The report of the risks that was occured
  • The law that would be directly effect the company
  • ...

    manage knowledge and information (1) pim
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