Sustainability implementation report task 1e




Sustainability implementation report task 1e

Sustainability implementation report

The company for this Sustainability Implementation Report is Windsor Institute of Commerce.

1. Environmental review

1.1 Environmental aspects and impacts

Sustainability is about companies managing the social and environmental impact of their operations. Committing to sustainability means that college can make a huge difference on issues such as climate change, animal welfare and resource waste. And by companies communicating what they’re doing, stakeholders are better informed, meaning they can choose to support the sustainability as well.

The college uses a lot of water, resources, supply chains and energy. The company also has a lot of wastage due to appliances, electronics and other things not being turned off properly. The college can work on these areas and issues to make the college more sustainable.

1.2 Resources consumed

During the consultation we identified that The college also uses utilities like water, energy, money etc. Therefore, the resources that the college uses are:

  • Water – water is used for cleaning equipment. Also used for consumption.
  • Electricity – for lights, electronics, computers
  • Drinks – for drinking
  • Money – money for paying supplies and utilities etc.
  • Labour – hiring the labour such as the teachers, front office, janitor
  • 1.3 Purchasing practices

    The company must purchase utilities which occurs once a month, as each bill is calculated per month. Other resources will be paid at different frequencies like per week, per day, etc.

    1.4 Environmental legislation and policies

    There are certain legislations that must be followed such as the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

    1.5 Areas of non-compliance

    Non-Compliance in the Workplace

  • Electricity Wastage
  • Smoke
  • Cleaning Chemicals go into air
  • Noise Pollution
  • Resource wastage such as paper and plastics
  • 1.6 Suggestions for improvement

    Resource efficiency is about doing more with less – creating more value with less impact. In business terms, focusing on resource efficiency means process optimisation to limit consumption of energy, water and materials and output of waste products. It also means business managers can apply a dollar value per unit of production metric to continually focus on economic savings as well as the environmental benefits that flow from a resource efficient approach to business.

    Sustainability implementation report task 1e
    Last updated: May 2022

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    2. Specific methods of improvement

    2.1 Refer to each area of non-compliance identified in the environmental review. For each of these areas, set objectives for improvement in environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. Provide specific targets to be reached within timeframes.

    Ways of Resolve this problems

  • Using energy saving appliances, and making sure electronics are turned off when not being used.
  • Smoke Detectors and Proper Ventilation
  • Only use environmentally friendly soaps and make sure that the soaps are safe for cleaning.
  • Noise pollution is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity of human, the source of most outdoor noise worldwide is mainly caused by machines.
  • Make sure that people are informed about the recycling policies and always make sure that the recycling bins are cleared regularly.
  • 3. Implementation of performance improvement strategies

    3.1 Strategies and actions for implementation

  • Buy things like energy saving light bulbs
  • 4-5 star energy rating appliances
  • Use less paper and send emails more
  • Turn off lights and electronics when not using them
  • Recycling paper, plastics, glass, metal, electronics
  • 3.2 Responsibility for implementation

    The Principle and managers should be responsible for the implementation of this plan. The workers however must also follow the policies and make sure that they do their part in making the workplace more sustainable.

    3.3 Methods for measuring and monitoring effectiveness of performance improvement strategies


    Recording Systems

    Team members as required; use effective interpersonal communication to build trust and respect within the project team; assess progress against project goals and review progress in consultation with project team members; determine the need for additional project resources and take action accordingly and implement financial control systems and monitor them according to project guidelines.

    Feedback control is used to review performance through the collection of information which is focused on end-results which are checked for quality and to ensure that they meet the predetermined standards. This information is passed back along the line to make improvements where necessary.

    4. Outcomes

    Communication is extremely important for a company to reach goals effectively and efficiently. Communication means less confusion and there less mistakes. Without effective communication, companies will find it extremely difficult to reach certain goals and objectives because they have not communicated the goals and objectives to the stakeholders. The following 3 strategies are the best ways to communicate and receive feedback from employees, customers and all other stakeholders.


    A meeting is great for discussing topics that are relevant need a clear understanding. Meetings can be good for explaining, discussing and also brainstorming about certain ideas. Employees should be involved in the meeting to help identify the best opportunities as everyone will have a different view on how the company can improve.

    Customer Feedback Form

    Customers are the people that all companies want to satisfy. Satisfied customers means, more sales and more profits. A customer feedback form can identify all the areas that a company needs to improve in order to have…


    Sustainability implementation report task 1e
    Last updated: May 2022

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