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While visiting the Hawkesbury area with my friends, we stayed at The Sebel Resort and Spa located in Hawkesbury Valley, . We read and heard great reviews about this resort & spa and decided that we would visit the area and try the resort. According to , the location of the resort is extremely beautiful and the views are pristine. The location would make the overall experience much better and because it is such a quiet and natural area, the resort and spa makes the experience much more relaxing and calm.

This report will be about our evaluation of the Sebel Resort & Spa and our thoughts and recommendations about the resort. I will be reporting all opinions that I had with the resort, including both likes and dislikes of certain activities and services.

To make this evaluation as successful and effective as possible, I experienced the resort like a normal customer and ensured that the resort staffs were in no way trying to impress me over the other customers. I will be looking at all the criteria and hospitality standards that I have learnt in class. Specifically I will be evaluating the Comfort, Location, Facilities, Customer Service, Value for money, Cleanliness and the Dining quality. According to , these are the core factors of a luxurious experience.

General Information

Resort Name: The Sebel Resort and Spa

Resort Type: Resort Accommodation and Day Spa

Location: 61 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor, Sydney, NSW 2756

Rating: 4.5 Star Resorts and Spa

Number of Rooms: 105 Resort Rooms including 43 suites with personal spas.


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    The Sebel Resort and Spa
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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  • Villa Thalgo Day Spa
  • Lake
  • BBQ area
  • Services:

  • Accommodation
  • Facial and Body treatments, Vichy shower and stone therapy.
  • Dining
  • Room Service
  • My Overall experience

    The price of The Sebel Resort & Spa is quite reasonable. The location is in an isolated and rural area, meaning that there is not a lot of competition and the location is also not as popular as the other tourist destinations around Sydney. This made the price much lower than in the CBD and beach areas. As a 4.5 Star services resort and spa, I was expecting quite a well organised and attractive resort.

    I booked a Deluxe Spa room with the Villa Thalgo Spa package. This was a pricey yet appealing package which will ultimately make my experience much better. This was during the summer/ Christmas Holidays of early January. This was a fantastic time, and the weather made the spa and swimming much better. The experience was satisfying however there were some flaws that I could identify and some areas where the resort & spa needs improvements.

    Analysis and Evaluation

    In this evaluation, I will be looking at 7 vital components of a Resort and how The Sebel Resort and Spa performed in these key performance factors.


  • 4.5
  • The comfort of The Sebel Resort & Spa was extremely positive. All the furniture was extremely comfortable and the environment was peaceful. There was not many irritations and disruptions in the who resort, meaning that people could really feel comfortable and relaxed. The resort is not busy and the land is extremely large, meaning that there is never any congestion in any areas. Personally I could feel extremely comfortable and make this place my home, as there was a lot of privacy and most facilities were soundproof.



    The location of this resort is one of its greatest assets. The Hawkesbury area is very peaceful as it is quite far from the CBD and urban areas. Hawkesbury Valley is a beautiful and natural area in Sydney that has not been heavily affected by the urbanisation of Sydney. The resort is situated next to the lake making an extremely beautiful and calming environment.

    The area is isolated and far from other attractions in Sydney however, the area has many other beautiful attractions around and that makes this experience and travel even more worthwhile. The location overall is an important and very beneficial aspect for the resort,



    The facilities were satisfactory. I would say that I expected the facilities to be a little more extraordinary. The facilities were not as busy as I expected, mainly due to the large area and numerous activities that customers had to choose from. The rooms were beautiful and very clean and tidy. The Villa Thalgo Spa was a wonderful experience and one of the best day spas that I have ever visited, and I have visited countless in Thailand.


    The Sebel Resort and Spa
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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