The wild student travel consultancy




The wild student travel consultancy

The wild student travel consultancy



The wild student travel consultancy

245 kent street Sydney, NSW, 2000

Trading hours :

Sunday-Thursday : 7am-6.30 pm

Friday and Saturday : 7am-10pm


$5000+ Commission

Date posted:


Job type:

Full time job


The wild student travel consultancy


HR department


The busy company ,We looking for the person who join the success team for working effectively , cheerful and bring the company to achive the goal

Knowledge and Skills need

  • Experience in the sale marketing in travel agency minimum 5 years
  • Can speak , listen English fluent and can speak more than two languages
  • Be patient, calm and can fix the conflict
  • Can work as a team work and work under the pressure.
  • The wild student travel consultancy
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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    ze:36px">Role and responsibilities

  • promote and marketing the business, sometimes to new or niche markets
  • managing budgets and maintaining statistical/financial records
  • selling travel products and tour packages
  • survey the feedback from the customer
  • Coordinate with travel partners, including airlines and hotels, to manage bookings and make the schedule
  • dealing with customer enquiries and make them to meet their expectations
  • work as a team to efficient running of the business.
  • TASK 2

  • 1. Keep all records in a filing cabinet and make sure that the filing cabinet is locked whenever it is not used.
  • 2. Make sure that all filed are kept properly and safely until they are no longer needed. In case of any law suits or audits which need proof of documents, it is important to have these documents safely managed in a storage system.
  • 3
  • To ensure that all employees are not doing any unauthorized accessing to the files, they should be monitored with cameras and separate keys for different filing cabinets. If any documents disappear the blame will go straight to the company and they will have no proof of what happened.

  • 4
  • Make sure that everyone is organized and the filing storage system is simple and effectively easy to maintain.

  • 5
  • Shred all employee data you will not store in the event of a company closure. This should occur regardless of the date or age of the employee document. An exception to this is I-9s for employees and former employees, which must be kept for one year.


    I would consult the employees first about whether their roster is effective or not. There are some dislikes about the roster but the roster is quite inflexible with so many people having their own preferences. Therefore not everyone could be happy with the roster. I am sure that there will be some complaints about the roster but a perfect roster that made everyone happy was not possible.

    All workers are placed into a roster that is not impossible for them and any preferences were priorities to help the most important reasons for preferences. People that just did not like the time was most likely forced to fill in the spot. Family and religious reasons were understood and avoided. I could ask the manager/ owner about the rosters if any employee has a serious enough problem with it. The women that was scared about late night travel should organize a safer way such as getting a fellow employee to drop her off or take a taxi home.


    The wild student travel consultancy
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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