Thongkorn Massage business plan (2)




Thongkorn Massage business plan (2)


Business Plan

Executive Summary

The main objective of Thongkorn Thai MASSAGE & SPA is to revitalize and re-energize any customers who are feeling stressed or just need to relax. The Thai of massage is known to be slightly harder but concentrates on the high stress carrying areas. Thai massage needs to be stronger to be more effective and release all the stress in the tense areas. It can be used as a medical remedy for sore areas or just for relieving some stress. The foot is the most central part of the body and will deal with a lot of stress and pressures. This company will primarily concentrate on the feet and the masters in the effective areas of the feet which will release a lot of stress from the body and mind of the customers.

The difference of Thai massages compared to other types is easily identified. From the instant you walk into Thongkorn Thai Massage you will feel the Thai environment straight away. The smells, the decorations, the employees, all these things will make the experience feel so much more exotic. After the customer has experienced all the aromas and environment, the customer will then be ready for the MASSAGE & SPA. The massage is such a relaxing and blissful experience that a customer will send the customer to his tranquil peace of mind.

Thongkorn Thai MASSAGE & SPA will target customer in the medium to high income range. These people will have the most potential to spend on luxury products and services. The location of Thongkorn Thai Massage will be in Darlinghurst. This is quite close to the city and a lot of people come to this area to shop and relax on luxury products and services. This place is good for getting a lot of customers that have a medium to high income.

The best strategy to get a lot of customers is to first offer promotions to large companies. This way, the large companies can give the staff, employee discounts for massages in Thongkorn Thai MASSAGE & SPA. With a high number of customers in the first year, the company can expect a minimum of even return on investment in the first year. The price can be high because the service is a luxury and for the high income market.

Registration Details



Date registration

06 March 2013

Location registered

143 Oxford St Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Business structure

Australian proprietary company, Limited By Shares


Thongkorn Massage business plan (2)
Last updated: Feb 2022

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Australian proprietary company, Limited By Shares

Entity Type

Australian Private Company


94 162 718 274


162 718 274


We have registered for GST. 01 April 2013

Domain name


Licenses & permits

License to deal with customers, collect and receive tax, registration and recognition of being a corporate organisation.

Management and Ownership


Kansinee Yotsukjarern

Pativat Boonsoong

The owners of THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA PTY LTD are very passionate about their business and have a lot of experience in this type of service. The owners know a lot of how to set up the business and how to run the business. With their experience, they will be able to give the most blissful massages and teach the techniques and skills to the employees. The mix of massages with the scented candles and oils will make the customers feel so relaxed. The owners will know exactly which candles are good for creating an exotic Thai experience for all customers.

Situational Analysis

Macro Environmental Factors

Increase Stress levels

In the city and in areas around the city, people are more prone to having higher stress levels due to the stressful corporate environment. Employees will experience more stressful situations at work and need a place to relax during lunch and break hours. The best place to relieve some stress would be THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA. This place was built primarily to relieve the hard working stresses of people that need it the most.

Work was proven to be the highest causing stress factor for adults and most of the medium to high income workers will be working in the city and around the city. Therefore it is a great location and environment for THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA PTY LTD.

Disposable Income

The economy was recently hit by high inflation and the cost to live in Sydney was increased. This means that the amount of disposable income decreased making people think more about their expenses and tried to save as much as possible. However this was only for the lower class and lower income level population. The higher income levels with medium to high income were not as affected by the inflation rates and therefore could still afford to spend money on luxury services such as massages, pedicures, manicures…


Thongkorn Massage business plan (2)
Last updated: Feb 2022

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