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WINE assignment

Southern Peninsula Wines

Executive Summary

Southern Peninsula Wines is a winery business in the area of Southern Peninsula. This report is a research report for this company to analyze the marketing options. All the opportunities and threats of a market should be analyzed and taken into consideration when deciding which market to enter. This report will contain all the information that the company needs to know about each market to make the right decision.


The vision of Southern Peninsula Wines is to establish a high quality wine facility, with boutique wines at a reasonable price, establishing long lasting customer and business relationships”

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of the business are to expanding globally, increase quality of the products and make the customers more aware of the brand. This will require a lot of marketing research and analysis.

Expansion is a big investment and takes a lot of commitment and effort. Dealing with different cultures can be difficult and take a lot of understanding and research to become good partners.

Increasing quality is sometimes difficult but can be done by purchasing better ingredients and equipment for the product. Also using a better and more efficient way of producing the wine, the products can be sold a lot cheaper.

Capabilities of Southern Peninsula Wines

This company has many capabilities. The owners are experienced and knowledgeable of every area in the Business. They can check and monitor all parts of the production process and have been building this business up for 10 years.

They have the capabilities to expand into international markets and they have results that will prove that their products are desired by international markets. Their wines have won prizes in many different competitions around the world.

Products under consideration

It is obvious that the main product would be the Sauvignon Blanc. This product has been used to win prizes in various competitions around the world. This has made it obvious that the Sauvignon Blanc will do well in the international Market.


WINE assignment
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the international Market.

Global Business Environment

Countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and America are the best countries to enter as a first international market. This is because the product will have a good quality advantage over the products being sold. It will make the company stronger and more popular.

The industry can grow a lot more. There are some drinks that are starting to become more popular. Bottling and packaging is a very important part of a wine and will give a good impression of the wine. The packaging should look simple but modern to give a new generation style of packaging.

From these countries, China seems to have the most potential as an international market. This is because of the increasing demand in higher quality produce and increase in average wealth. China has a very broad customer base and tends to have cheaper quality Wines. The quality of Southern Peninsula Wines will definitely stand out from the cheaper Chinese styled wines.

Market Development and Trends

There are good and bad trends in an international market. One bad trend is in China. Manufacturers of Wine in China start to make fake, counterfeit wines which made the market very dangerous for international companies. These fake wines would make the reputation of good, high quality international wines go down. This lowered the overall competition and security of the market making it risky but rewarding.

The good trends however make the market seem bright and hopeful. Recently many traffickers have been caught and stopped making the products in china more trust worthy. There are still some small counterfeit wine makers but the numbers have significantly reduced. The younger Chinese have also taken up wine courses in Universities around the world to understand western wines and teach them to local wineries. The trends in China are becoming very positive and making China a very high potential for international wineries.

The rating websites have become more trending over the past few years as well. More and more people are giving their personal opinions on their experience of wines and foods. Customers sometimes go to these websites to find the most popular wines in the world. If Southern Peninsula Wines can get the attention of these rating websites, the product could soon be popular and making more sales.

Trade Patterns and Policies

  • Sales of wine are increasing every year
  • The number of sales in store has been the same for a while but the e-commerce sales has increased by over 20% every year.
  • Growth in on-premise wine sales is flat, but retail wine numbers are strong at $13.3 billion in 2012 (Nielson)
  • Some policies include not selling wine to underage people. However this age is different in most countries.
  • Restaurant must have a license to sell the wine.
  • Political

  • The wine industry in China continues to grow because the international products are much more desired. Chinese products will always tend to be cheaper quality and sometimes fakes.
  • The products of international countries are also very desired by the Chinese government. The Chinese government would rather high quality Wines in the market over Cheap, fake and lower quality wines.
  • One child policy in China also affects the sales of wines. One child policy will make the Chinese people have more money because they do not spend so much on their child. They will have more money to spend on international wines and a lot more of it.
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    WINE assignment
    Last updated: Jan 2023

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