11064_BD_BSBPMG514A_Delivery and Assessment Guide V1




11064_BD_BSBPMG514A_Delivery and Assessment Guide V1

Facilitator and Head Teacher Contact Details

Facilitator Name: Alison Roberts

Email Address: Alison.Roberts7@det.nsw.edu.au

Other contact details: 9942 0234

Head Teacher Name: Len Koles

Email Address: Len.Koles@det.nsw.edu.au

Phone Number: 9942 0095

Unit of Competency: BSBPMG514A Manage Project Cost


The complete unit of competency is available on the Training.Gov.Au website.


The following resources are required for this unit:

Delivery Schedule


Assessment Task 1: Individual Assignment

Student Instructions

Project Choice

  • Your selected project must be agreed between you and your facilitator so that its methodology, tools and techniques conform to the performance requirements of each Unit of Competency before you start work on the unit.
  • You may use the same project for all units in this Course, unless your selected project changes during the Course or cannot conform to the performance requirements of any of the Units of Competency. If either or both of these events occur during your course, you must contact your facilitator to find out what you need to do to continue to satisfy the Course performance requirements and achieve competency.
  • The project must be within an organisation, business or you are operating as a consultant.

  • Your selected project must have:
  • a comprehensive, detailed and integrated project management plan
  • a formal communications plan
  • a dedicated and project-based budget
  • formal and planned engagement with a wide range of stakeholders
  • a documented risk, issues and change-management methodology
  • a quality plan with assurance and control processes
  • a project team-based environment.
  • Workbook

    Use the Workbook provided in Appendix A to answer the questions. If you have workplace documents you wish to submit instead of using the all or part of the Workbook:


    11064_BD_BSBPMG514A_Delivery and Assessment Guide V1
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    in Appendix A to answer the questions. If you have workplace documents you wish to submit instead of using the all or part of the Workbook:

    You must be the author of these document

    You need to map the workplace documents to the Assessment criteria. This mapping demonstrates your understanding of the assessment criteria.

    Your facilitator can provide you will details on the documentation you need to provide to do this.

    All questions in this assignment must be applied to your project (unless otherwise stated) and specific answers (not just theory) are required to show you can apply what you have learnt to your project – even if you do not currently undertake all aspects in your workplace.

    Your answers must be satisfactory for all questions.


    Note: It is important for project management to show you can meet deadlines.

    Assignments will be submitted by uploading documents to the Assignments area in studEspaceelectronic copies are required for audit purposes. More than three attachments for a submission will not be accepted. Accepted file types are: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Publisher and PDF. Versions accepted are 2003 onwards.

    Feedback and ResubmissionYou will receive your feedback within two weeks – you will be notified by email by your facilitator when results are available. You will need to visit this Assignments area in studEspace and down load your feedback. 

    Where students answers are deemed not satisfactory after the first attempt a resubmission may be requested. If a student has demonstrated consistent effort in the learning of a module then, at the teacher’s professional discretion, the student may be awarded a resubmission. This resubmission must be made as soon after the initial assessment as possible.

    Environmental Sustainability:

    You may wish to consider including environmental sustainability principles in cost management by costing the environmental impacts of the project and including these in the project budget.

    Environmental sustainability could include:

  • Avoid or reducing the use of a resource including water, electricity, transport etc.
  • Reuse and recycling of a resource
  • Buying green
  • Reduction in packaging and other waste.
  • Criteria for competency

  • To achieve competency in this unit, you must demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience to:
  • determine resource requirements for individual tasks identified in the work breakdown structure, with input from stakeholders and guidance from others
  • estimate project costs to enable project budget to be prepared within agreed tolerances
  • develop a project budget
  • develop a cost-management plan, within delegated authority, to ensure clarity of understanding and ongoing management of project finances
  • implement agreed financial-management processes and processes and procedures to monitor actual expenditure against budget
  • select and use cost-analysis methods and tools to identify cost variations and evaluate alternative actions
  • implement and monitor agreed actions to maintain financial objectives
  • provide accurate and timely financial reports
  • conduct appropriate activities to signify financial completion
  • review project outcomes using available records to determine the effectiveness of project cost information
  • ...

    11064_BD_BSBPMG514A_Delivery and Assessment Guide V1
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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