BSBADM502B manage meetings 1




BSBADM502B manage meetings 1

Assessment 1

Project: Stage One

Subject: BSBADM502B Manage Meetings

Part A

  • Thai Massage Shop

    Meeting Notice

    Sales Manager

    The sales manager of the Thai Massage Shop has realised that the Thai Massage Shop is not making much profit due to low sales. This is a bad sign, as with no profits, the company will soon not have money to operate. A meeting must be made to sort out issues relating to the low sales and find ways of increasing the sales again.


    30th of August 2015


    Thai Massage Shop office

    The meeting will have a set agenda, however if there are any suggestions that would benefit the company, they can be made in the last 20 minutes.

    Circulate date: 26th of August, 2015



    Company: Thai Massage Shop

    Date: 30

    BSBADM502B manage meetings 1
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    x">th August 2015


    Marketing options

  • The areas of advertisement as following:
  • TV advertisement with famous presenters
  • Radio advertisement
  • Internet, website or social networks
  • Newspapers
  • Brochures
  • Trade events
  • Magazines
  • B

  • The time the meeting agenda should be circulated depends on the importance and size of the meeting. The more important the meeting, the earlier the agenda should be circulated. Some meetings will only need to be circulated the day before if there are only a few participants. Generally more participants mean earlier circulation of agenda.
  • This is because the agenda can be made into a timetable. Each topic will go for a certain amount of time and when the topic has been discussed for this amount of time the timekeeper will then notify the coordinator that it is time for a new topic. For example
  • Training should be discussed for 15 minutes. Once it is discussed for 14 minutes the timekeeper should notify the coordinator or the head manager that the next topic needs to start.

  • There are many documents that could be needed. It depends on the type of meeting as well. Some meetings will just require an agenda and notice. However some meeting will require a lot of documents which need to be reviewed. The two most important documents will be the notice and the agenda.
  • For this meeting about the Sales of Thai Massage Shop, the style will be semi-formal. This means that it will be still be taken seriously and all discussions will be taken in minutes, however the seriousness and strictness will not be as high. People will be able to place their opinions whenever without being called.
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    BSBADM502B manage meetings 1
    Last updated: Jan 2022

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