130371 Ensure a Safe Workplace task 3




130371 Ensure a Safe Workplace task 3

Name: Suchintana MoelggStudent Number: 130371

Assessor Name: DeyacoTask Number: 3

Subject: Ensure a safe workplace

Assessment Date: 28/07/2014

Assessment Time: 9:00am

Evaluation Report

With a total of 29 incidents occurring in 1 year, and across all locations, the number is too high. The incidents should be kept to a minimum and the number of incidents can significantly decrease with proper training. These incidents can cause a large amount of time lost. This affects the business reputation as well as the business operations as the staffs have more work than normal.

The first incident was an injured back caused by the customer service staff lifting a lawn mower incorrectly. This was a result of poor training and lifting techniques. The staffs were new and did not know the correct methods of lifting. There was another incident where staffs were playing together and they ended up getting chemical burns. This is a serious WHS issue which puts everyone in the area in danger.

Most incidents were followed up by safety action meetings that would be used to discuss the safety issue and outline the ways of preventing the incidents from occurring again.

Many of the incidents were caused by poor lifting techniques which can seriously injure workers. Carrying, lifting, moving and stacking boxes all require effective strategies and techniques that will be used to minimise injuries and sore muscles.

Poor lifting, carrying and stacking techniques can put all workers in danger. The lifting techniques ensure that the back and other important muscles are not strained or injuries. The carrying techniques are useful for ensuring that boxes and other heavy items are not dropped and potentially landing on another worker.

Stacking blocks and boxes is correctly is also very important. If the boxes are not stacked properly, the boxes may fall over and injure a nearby worker. As a hardware store, the boxes can be extremely heavy and can seriously injure a person. Even a light object such as in the incidents on the 3 and 29 of October where the staffs was struck by a falling object, the staffs suffered from neck and shoulder pains.


130371 Ensure a Safe Workplace task 3
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as struck by a falling object, the staffs suffered from neck and shoulder pains.

It is also observed that most incidents were caused by or happened to the new staff. This can be an obvious pattern that outlines those ineffective training programs. Training programs are important for making sure that the new staffs have the knowledge and skills required to perform certain tasks. Without training the staff effectively, the new staff may put other staff or visitors in danger.

It can be observed that many incidents have resulted in cuts, and bruising. There is an obvious need of safety equipment. However providing the safety equipment is only one step. Monitoring and making sure that all staff use the safety equipment is the most important step.

The incidents happen in most areas around Australia and therefore there is no specific location that requires more attention. Each store must improve their WHS management to reduce the amount of WH incidents.

Both the LITFR and IR were above National Averages. This means that the company must significant decrease the amount of Incidents. As the new goals of 9 LITFR and 1.5 IR, the company must create an effective and efficient strategy to decrease the incidents and improve WHS of the company.


The first recommendation would be to improve the training programs. There is a significantly higher chance for new staff to cause incidents. This is because the new staffs do not have the techniques and knowledge to prevent incidents from happening. The best example is the lifting techniques. Most lifting incidents were from New Staff as they do not know the right lifting strategies. Lifting injuries can cause serious damage to health and can require a long time to recover.

Providing and explain effective lifting techniques is important. Also making sure that you can observe and teach the lifting techniques to the new staff, until they have a good technique is important. Try not to let the new staff carry the heavy objects. Let them carry the lighter objects until they feel confident to lift the heavier objects.

As for the staff that are playing around and causing chemical burns, this is a serious breach of WHS policies and cannot happen again. A more serious penalty should be given than disciplinary action. They may lose their jobs as this incident is extremely dangerous. If the chemicals get into someone’s eyes, it could make them permanently blind. A more serious consequence should be given to people playing with dangerous objects and chemicals.

The safety action meetings do not seem to be effective as many incidents such as lifting and boxing incidents continue to occur. It is important for the team leader to make a meeting that thoroughly outlines the right and wrong ways. If the team leader still observes staff doing the wrong techniques, they should be individually mentored until the technique is good.

The induction plan should give the new staff, the knowledge and skills to prevent and minimise incidents as much as possible. Teaching the new staff how to lift, carry and stack boxes is one of the most simple procedures, yet with the wrong technique, this procedure can seriously injure a worker.

As many workers have to carry and stack countless boxes every day, it is more about the technique that the actual strength of the staff. Even the strongest men can still get injured through lifting with the wrong technique.

Australian Hardware should also invest in good quality safety equipment for staff to feel more safe and secure. These equipment may cost money, however the staff will be less likely to get injured and take time off to care for the injury. This investment will…


130371 Ensure a Safe Workplace task 3
Last updated: Aug 2023

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