21959 AUT 2020 Take Home Exam Answer Template




21959 AUT 2020 Take Home Exam Answer Template




After reading the case study of the Summerton Summer Sounds Festival (provided in the exam file named: ‘21959 AUT 2020 Take Home Exam.docx’), write your answers to all four (4) questions in this document. Each question is worth 10 marks.

This is the document you will submit to Canvas by 11am on Thursday 7th May saved as: Your Full Name 21959 Exam. For example, my word document would be saved as: Katie Schlenker 21959 Exam.docx


Write your response to Question 1 here (300 words maximum):

The first advice that I would give to the executive management team is to create a steering committee. A steering committee will help to decide on the priorities of the event and help to keep the general course of the event aligned with the fundamental scope and vision of the event. It is also vital that the steering committee consists of senior stakeholders that can act as representatives for the majority of stakeholders of the event. This will allow stakeholders to share their thoughts and concerns to the representative, who would then take those thoughts and concerns to the steering committee.

There are other ways to engage with the event stakeholders in the planning of the event such as written communications and focus groups. Written communication such as newsletters and emails will help to keep the stakeholders up to date with the decisions that are being made by the executive management team. Focus groups will help the executive management team collect feedback on certain ideas as well as identify the potential concerns of the event stakeholders.

I believe that the first stakeholder group that needs to be prioritized is the local community. These people are the local residents who were involved in the community forum which developed the idea of hosting the music festival and contributed to the festival’s initial success.

Another stakeholder group that should be highly prioritised is the local music and entertainment group. The Summerton Summer Sounds Festival was established to help promote and encourage the increase in live music and entertainment in Summerton, and should therefore prioritise the skills and talents of the local musicians and entertainments.

Write your response to Question 2 here (300 words maximum):


21959 AUT 2020 Take Home Exam Answer Template
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Question 2 here (300 words maximum):

When determining the in-scope expenditure, the expenditure of locals must be excluded from the total expenditure as this is money that would eventually still be spent in the host region and therefore is not considered new income to the host region. Due to this fact, it is essential to have an accurate geographic boundary of the host region to accurately determine whether articular income and expenditure are new to the host region or are already within the region. Essentially, the geographic boundary enabled the determination of whether the attendees place of origin is within the host region or whether their place of origin is outside the host region of the music festival. Additionally, the geographic boundaries assist in identifying whether particular expenditure made by event management team is within the scope of estimation.

Exclusions of in-scope expenditure

  • Purpose of visit (expenditure of casuals)
  • Expenditure of delegates with a place of origin that is outside the host region who would have come to the region should not be included in the in-scope expenditure. This is because they would have visited the host region even if there was no music festival and would have spent their money on other goods and services within the host region. Consequently it is important to identify the primary purpose of the attendees visit in order to determine whether or not their expenditure should be included in the in-scope expenditure. If the attendees were already going to visit the host region, however they extended their stay due to the event, their expenditure during the additional days should be included in the in-scope expenditure.

  • Time switching Expenditure
  • Expenditure from visitors that would have visited the host region irrespective of the event however changed their time of visit because of music festival should not be included. This is because they would have spent money on goods and services in the host region however adjusted their visit to come during the music festival. This can also be applied to the expenditure of exhibitors and sponsors of the music festival as their expenditure would have occurred in the host region regardless of the event occurring.

    Write your response to Question 3 here (300 words maximum):

    Event Theme

    The theme of the event is an essential part of how it will be perceived by the community and attendees. The theme can be either developed internally or externally, and the fact that the Summerton local community were the key stakeholders to establish the Summer Sounds Festival to help promote live music and entertainment in Summerton, it is clear that the theme was developed by and links directly to the local Summerton community. Changing the event theme from local live musicians and entertainment to famous international renowned artists, would have a significantly negative impact on the way the event is perceived by the local Summerton community.

    Age of Event

    The age of the event has a significant influence over the way the social impacts of the Summer Sounds Festival are perceived. Changes and impacts caused by the Summer Sounds Festival will become less negative over time, meaning that as the age of the…


    21959 AUT 2020 Take Home Exam Answer Template
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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