Question 1


You are the General Manager – Marketing of Bounce Fitness. You are required to carry out an internal (self) marketing audit at the end of the financial year, according to the Bounce Fitness Continuous Improvement Procedure.

Bounce Fitness has just completed its Corporate Marketing Plan project. You were managing the project and worked with the centre managers of the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane fitness centres to implement it. You had to liaise (desktop review) with your colleagues at these locations, from the Cairns head office, where you are based, using video conferencing, phone calls, and emails. The centre managers were responsible for distributing marketing materials sent to them form head office, and making sales to achieve sales targets. The centre managers are experts in fitness industry and gym management. However, none has sufficient marketing or sales experience. You had to provide them with extensive guidance and training throughout the project.

Part A – conduct an internal marketing audit

You must conduct an audit of the productivity of the Corporate Marketing Plan and effectiveness of Bounce Fitness marketing planning systems in the context of the Corporate Marketing Plan.

In the audit, you must investigate: Important!!

  • profitability of the Corporate Marketing Plan, including
  • analysis of whether goals and objectives were achieved
  • calculation of return on investment (ROI) (pls refer book for formula)
  • effectiveness of objectives and goal setting in meeting Bounce Fitness marketing strategy
  • whether financial reporting systems enable timely decision making – (whether it is effective and achieved. Keep track their performances
  • sufficiency of marketing staff to achieve marketing strategic goals
  • (All above need a finding – the organisations is fail or success )

    You are required to report results of audit to the CEO and board of directors of Bounce Fitness, in the next part of this assessment.

    Prepare an audit report that covers the following points. You may format your report under these guidelines as section headings.

  • Introduction
  • purpose (including timing) and aim of audit
  • scope of audit
  • audit type and research methodology (briefly explain why you chose this type of audit)
  • participants in the audit (Audit required to reports to General manager, Centre manager – board of directors)
  • Marketing organisation and systems
  • organisational goals and objectives
  • marketing decision making systems
  • financial reporting systems
  • Bounce Fitness Corporate Marketing Plan
  • overview of plan
  • outcomes of Corporate Marketing Plan project
  • profitability
  • ......

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  • effectiveness of market research, segmentation, and marketing planning
  • effectiveness of forecasting and budgeting
  • effectiveness of monitoring and reporting schedules
  • quality of existing performance review mechanisms and lessons learned documentation
  • Recommendations for improvement to marketing planning and monitoring processes
  • You will need to access the Bounce Fitness website and go through the relevant sections of the website to find the information that you need. You will also have to conduct further research.

    Question 2


    This is a continuation of the scenario in Task 2.

    Following the internal marketing audit, the CEO asks you to conduct an external marketing audit, in order to investigate the feasibility of the Membership Building Marketing Activity Plan, which is scheduled to start in the next financial year.

    Part A – conduct an external marketing audit

    Conduct a macro and micro environment audit of the organisation, from the perspective of reviewing the Membership Building Marketing Activity Plan on the Bounce Fitness website.

    Other sources you will need to refer to include:

  • Business Strategy and Planning documents on Bounce Fitness website
  • Relevant Internet sources for competitor information
  • Draft

  • i) purpose & aim
  • the purpose of this marketing audit is to aiming to identify areas of improvement
  • to investigate the feasibility of the Membership Building Marketing Activity plan
  • to undertake macro & micro environment audit of the organisation
  • to ascertain the alignment & strategic plan
  • ii)Scope of audit

  • external marketing audit
  • desktop review – quantitative and qualitative data
  • iii) who is participants

  • General manager
  • CEO
  • Centre manager
  • Boards & directors
  • Stakeholders, employees,
  • Marketing planning
  • Mission vision and values
  • 3 Micro – explain 2 factors of each

  • employment rates,
  • behaviour,
  • social cultural factors ,
  • market demands,
  • service usage trends
  • ...

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