3.2 Key suppliers and customers

3.3 Business assets

3.3.1 Premises

3.3.2 assets and equipment

List your key plant and business equipment, including computers, software, vehicles and machinery, or attach a copy of your asset register.

3.3.3 stock and inventory

What is your production capacity and what do you currently produce? What is your stock turnover? How do you store inventory and what does this cost? What are your future volume predictions?

3.3.4 intellectual property


Last updated: Sep 2023

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.4 intellectual property

How do you protect your intellectual property such as copyrights, licences and patents?

3.4 organisational resources

3.4.1 People

Do your employees have the right skills to help you meet your objectives? If not, how will you help them develop? If they do, what will you do to retain them?

3.4.2 Financial resources

Do you have the financial resources to meet your objectives or take advantage of opportunities? What facilities do you have in place for this?

3.4.3 D...

Last updated: Sep 2023

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