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A 2 _quality guide_warwick


ASESSMENT 2 (Try to make short but precise answers)

Task 1

  • Define the project scope (write it from the assessment question)
  • In order to build customer goodwill and satisfy the legal and ethical obligations, MLR has decided to implement a program to:

    inform agents of legal and ethical obligations and any standards or codes of conduct followed by the organization

    – promote high standards in professional conduct

    – inform clients, tenants and potential tenants of MLR’s commitments

    – achieve employee and clients buy-in for initiative

  • Deliverables list (write it from the assessment question)
  • Engage with customers/build ethical profile:
  • raise organisational profile by 20%
  • improveclient satisfaction performance by 25%.
  • Increase revenues by 20% within the third quarter.
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs of operations by 10%.
  • Engage workers with strategic goals of business and support professional development in line with strategic goals. (Targets to be set by individual managers.)
  • Improve health of employees (range of specific areas).
  • Stakeholders’’ quality requirements
  • Sponsor: Max Lionel

    Project manager: Me

    Customers: All customers that are wanting to purchase real estate or property

  • Types of quality assurance (chose the correct one for your project)
  • Types of quality control (chose the correct one for your project)
  • Stakeholders’ list for MLR (agents, clients, staff, govt. tenants etc.)
  • Communication channels list (e-mail, intranet reports etc)
  • Task 2

  • Quality control check list (Google “sample checklist for quality control)
  • Does the project have an approved quality management plan?
  • Has the quality management plan been reviewed by all stakeholders?
  • Do all stakeholders have access to the quality management plan?
  • Is the quality management plan consistent with the rest of the overall project plan?
  • Have product quality metrics been established, reviewed, and agreed upon?
  • Have process quality metrics been established, reviewed, and agreed upon?
  • Do all metrics support a quality standard which is acceptable to the customer?
  • Do all metrics have agreed upon collection mechanisms?
  • Do all metrics have an agreed upon collection frequency?
  • ......

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    greed upon collection frequency?

  • Have quality metrics review meetings been scheduled throughout the project’s duration?
  • Are all metrics clear, measurable, controllable, and reportable?
  • Is the project team familiar with the project’s quality review process?
  • Does the project have an appropriate number of resources assigned for quality assurance and control?
  • Has the project team established a repository for all quality documentation?
  • Do all team members have access to the quality documentation repository?
  • Have all appropriate team members been notified of their required participation in quality reviews?
  • Have quality responsibilities been assigned and documented and the applicable personnel notified?
  • Have product and process quality standards been established, documented, and communicated?
  • Have quality thresholds and limits been established, documented, and communicated?
  • Does the change control process accommodate project changes based on quality improvements?
  • Has a project quality manager been assigned?
  • Is the project sponsor aware of his/her responsibilities relating to quality acceptance
  • Is the customer aware of his/her responsibilities relating to quality acceptance?
  • Just explain any 1 quality control tools (chose the correct tool for your project)
  • The fishbone diagram identifies many possible causes for an effect or problem. It can be used to structure a brainstorming session. It immediately sorts ideas into useful categories.

  • Google “benefits of quality management system
  • Achieve greater consistency in the activities involved in providing products or services
  • Reduce expensive mistakes
  • Increase efficiency by improving use of time and resources
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Market your business more effectively
  • Exploit new market sectors and territories
  • Manage growth more effectively by making it easier to integrate new employees
  • Constantly improve your products, processes and systems
  • Task 3

  • Prepare a quality review checklist’ (google “sample quality review checklist)
  • Prepare a table showing your action to control the variances (Google “addressing quality variance or “corrective actions for quality control”)
  • conducting workplace inspections
  • testing, inspecting, and monitoring of plant and equipment
  • consulting with staff
  • ...

    A 2 _quality guide_warwick
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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