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Assessment 3

Guidance session Role Play (For Manager):

HR business partner: Hi! How are you doing?

Rental Manager: I’m good, thank you. What about you?

HR business partner: I am doing great. Thankyou! So, starting the conversation with the concern that how will you conduct a meeting with the employee? And make sure that you follow the Grievance Policies and procedures

Rental Manager: Well I’ll start a meeting with the open questions and would make him feel better about the interview.

HR business partner: What do you mean by open questions?

Rental Manager: Opinions and suggestions are asked in open question so I’ll ask him his opinions and suggestions.

HR business partner: I have another concern about trust and honesty. So how are you going to manage and promote trust, honesty and loyalty in your team?

Rental Manager: I will have a very honest and fair behavior with employees. I will promote the message of loyalty, reliability, sincerity and truthfulness through my behavior.

HR Business partner: Okay that’s great to know that you are well aware of how to speak and listen effectively. As this meeting is set to discuss the concerns and complain of one of your employees. Can you please tell me the issue the employee has?

Rental Manager: The employee has serious issue with the restructuring plan of the company.

HR business partner: Oh that should be happened but I would want to know why the employee is not in favor of restructuring of business? What is his fear regarding the plan?

Rental Manager: The employee has a fear of losing the job as a result of restructuring. That’s why he is very upset.

HR business partner: Okay I got it. You must make sure that you comply with the relevant legislations such as the Fair Work act and the Anti-Discrimination Act. He must be sure that he has an equal opportunity to retain his job and position.

Rental Manager: Yes, he also thinks that he won’t get the opportunity to retrain and develop.

HR business partner: It is up to you to explain just how you comply with the Anti-discrimination policy. As well as the equal employment opportunity. He must feel that he will not be discriminated against.

Rental Manager: I guess I won’t be able to handle this matter as I am new here and have not got the retraining. Actually the employee would formally complaint about the matter.


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: I guess I won’t be able to handle this matter as I am new here and have not got the retraining. Actually the employee would formally complaint about the matter.

HR business partner: So the employee feels insecure and fear of losing job and lack of retraining opportunity make him worried and upset. As far as I understand he is also unaware of the anti-discrimination policy. To resolve the issue and situation clearer, I am going to explain the grievance and antidiscrimination policies of company. So lets talk about grievance procedure first.

  • Employees and union representatives and managers discuss issues;
  • Trade union representatives and upper management discuss issues of appeal;
  • The Trade Union Appeals Board and some company managers discuss complaints;
  • Representatives of national trade unions and company-designated managers to discuss complaints;
  • Finally, it may be the fair third party to make a final referee on the appeal.
  • Can you please read the code of ethics for me?

    HR store manager: Yeah, sure. Employees and management of John Readings are expected to:

  • Respect and support the core values of the organization:
  • Performance excellence
  • Value for investors, customers and employees
  • Personal and professional development
  • Diversity
  • Respect and treat others with fairness
  • Act in accordance with relevant legislation, standards and codes of conduct.
  • HR business partner: Now that I have explained these policies and procedures, do you think that you understand them and can handle the situation now?

    HR store manager: Yes, I definitely do.

    HR business partner: Do you want to ask anything more? Do you have any queries?

    HR store manager: No, It’s all clear now. Thank you for such a detailed discussion.

    Action Plan


    The above operations obviously illustrate the significance of keeping relationships within an organization between the workforce and efficient employee relationships. JKL sector is facing countless problems of communication, workplace relations and grievances of staff, etc. These problems are solved as an organization manager through proper action schemes, networking policies.


    A3 Pongmajuk SL
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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