Question 1

Data information is important to store. It can hold vital information about the company and other useful documents and files. It is important to back up all data because if a folder or system gets corrupt, the organisation will have a backup with all the documents that have been lost. Backing up means to keep in a safer storage system which can be help in a hard drive, intranet, storage system or any other electronic way of keeping large amounts of organisation data. Some businesses deal with large amounts of information that sometimes need to look back on when using it for reference or evidence.

The easiest and most popular way of backing up is using a computer system that allows computers to connect in a network and share all information together in one network. The documents are then placed into a central storage where the files are backed up and kept for at least 5 years. The information that stays on the computers will be temporary files in the computer and once logged off, the files will be deleted. This makes the files only accessible through the central database where all backups were made. Only some personnel are allowed to access the backup database.

Question 2

Information security is a method of protecting information from unauthorized usage. The information security can also protect information from data corrupting viruses.

The most important protection is a firewall. This is the first and most efficient way of blocking viruses and other unauthorised people accessing the information database. A firewall is acts as a security guard for a business’s network and inspects and analyses each piece of data that wants to come into the network. Any data that seems legit and safe can be allowed in. Anything that seems unknown or strange to the network will be blocked and will require permission to be allowed into the network. The data that is dangerous and harmful to the system will be blocked and will require admin approval.

An antivirus scanning software can also be good for protecting organisation systems. They scan the system for viruses and can also detect when a virus is about to enter the system. Backups are good for keeping information from being corrupt but back ups are still able to get viruses. Therefore it is safe to remove all viruses from the back up database and the whole system network.

Trojan horse is very dangerous to businesses and personal computers. Trojan horse acts as innocent programs that will help people with their work. Once the person has downloaded this fake program, it will now start hacking the system some way. There are many different uses of Trojan horses. Some can turn off the computer, put the computer to blue screen, hack personal information such as address and credit card numbers. Trojan horse are one of the most dangerous hacks on the internet as people may not even know that theyre getting hacked.

Question 3

A business must choose the right operating system that will make their electronic information easy to access. An Operating system acts as the mind and design of your computers. The Operating system offers different applications and programs. A similar example is the Apple store and Android store which have different applications but can do the same things.


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but can do the same things.

The operating system I would recommend for this company is Linux. Linux is totally free and is becoming more and more popular. A lot of smaller to medium sized companies have starting using Linux and it had been quite successful for them. Therefore this company should use Linux until they have enough profits to upgrade to either windows vista which is slightly better but expensive.

Linux is also useful as if the employees are not used to Linux, Windows can also be used in the operating system. It works by Linux having an available system called Dual booting which gives people the choice of 2 operating systems.

The hardware will be Dell because they have so much experience with company networking. The computers are much cheaper as well but they do not use the up to date hardware. However dell will give good enough specifications to do any task required with a computer.

Question 4

Operating systems

  • Linux
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP
  • Solaris
  • Application Software

  • Word Processing software
  • Database software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Multimedia software
  • Presentation software
  • Question 5

    In computer networking, a process called NAT or Network Address Translation is used to modify an IP address into its Op packet headers which can be used in a routing device. I would use Network Address translation to fix this problem. NAT allows companies to use on IP and therefore lets each computer have the same IP Address. The IP address works as a normal street address where the internet knows where to send the information to.

    The NAT can also work like a receptionist where it can be programmed to accept and transfer any information that is needed by an employee.

    Question 6

    A VPN extend the radius or reach of the LANs without using any other wires or private lines. VPN can be used to connect different branches of a company that are cities away from each other.

    There are a few methods of implementing VPNs. The first way is PPTP. PPTP stands for point-to-point Tunnelling protocol. PPTP is included in Microsoft and Linux operating systems and is the most popular in the Windows computers. Even though there are newer technologies of VPN such as L2TP which is also a tunnelling protocol which is used to support VPNs. It don’t not give nay encryptions or confidentiality. It relies of the encryption…


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