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Goals of customer service

  • Make the customer satisfy with the service and trust the shop
  • Know the customer ‘s need and understand if they don’t use the services and buy the products
  • Help them when they need help about products or services.
  • Fix the problem for them about services or products
  • Make the customer go back to use service or buy products again in the future
  • Make the business have profit and run the business good
  • The part of the business that have to take care and listen to the customer.
  • Staff

    The staff should be :

  • Observe : the staff should observe because if they realise what is the best service ,they will try to create and make the better service to customer and make customer satisfaction and response to the customer ‘s need
  • Enthusiasm : because the Enthusiasm behavior is performed to welcome service and helping and care about the customer and create a good image for helping the customer
  • Good manners (be polite )this behaviour shows the thoughts and feelings of the staff. It makes the customer feel that the staff has a good personality when they want to use the service and is easy to use the service.
  • They have to be creative , have the new idea and don’t adhere to the old experience or the experience that they always met but should have new style or new idea to modify the service all the time.
  • Can control the emotion because the customer service is the job that you need to give the service to people , help the people . They need to meet many kind of customers ,many level of educations so they have different characters .sometimes when the customer doesn ‘t satify , they will blame or complain and not polite to staff and they have to control the emotion , be cool down and realise this is normal for customer service.
  • Can fix the problem and be calmness some of customer they have the urgent problem so the staff have to identify the problem and analysis the causes and find the way to fix it , choose the best way to fix the problem.
  • Have the good attitude to give the service to customer , welcome to service the customer ,love to service customer
  • What customers want......

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    What customers want

  • Customers want kind and honest staff over product experts.
  • They want convenience – best product in the shortest time possible.
  • Value for money – customers want a product that is value for money, if it is not then there is a high chance that they will never buy it again.
  • Knowledgeable staffs that can help them choose the most suitable product.
  • No time wasting – means no long lines and long waits.
  • Clean and fresh environment – staff dressed nicely, workplace is clean and tidy.
  • Customers want to feel important – they want to feel like the company needs them.
  • They want staff that can listen to their problems and help them however they can.
  • Customers do not like to hear no from the staff
  • Less problems as possible
  • Calls to be answered without a lot of wait.
  • Speak to real people not just voice recordings.
  • Promises that are kept and not forgotten – if a promise if broken that can effect on the customers trust
  • Be as helpful as you can and give more effort than expected
  • Identify and anticipate needs – find out the customers problems and try to solve it for them, before they ask
  • How to improve customer service

  • Surveys – see how the customers feel about the service and where it needs improvement
  • Comment cards – this will show employees, customers and competitors that you are intending to improve
  • Talk with your employees – they are the people closest to your customers, use their experiences to gain better customer service. Make sure they are as attentive as they can be.
  • Understand your customers – take the time to just observe your customers. Do they look happy or annoyed? Do they continually look at their watch, like they do not want to be there?
  • Create a Customer service law – this is a law to make the customer the number one priority. All staff must make the customer feel this way.
  • Communicate- the most important aspect to customer service is communication between the organisations. Good communication means a good, efficient organisation. This will improve the customer service and make them feel more organised.
  • Training – provide customer service training for your employees. Teach them how to approach customer without being annoying, help customers and treat customers.
  • Initiative – give employees some initiative and teach them how to solve problems without asking the supervisor. This saves time for the customer and the organisation.
  • Thank you cards – give customers thanks you cards and letters to show your appreciation


    all together
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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