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  • BSBCUS301

    Deliver and monitor a service to customers

    Assessment Answer Booklet -Task 2

    Task 2: Customer service project

    Email to head business coach requesting further information to pass onto customer

    To: Head Business Coach

    Subject: Information request

    Dear Head Business Coach,

    I am sending this email to inform about two clients interested in our products, but they also have especial request which I would like to ask you before going back to them. Therefore, some of the request may need your personal allowance to be completed.

    The first client is Jason Smith, brushing up his information there are the following main points:

    He is interested in obtaining business coaching for a range of areas including

    leadership, marketing and time management.

    He has limited time and would prefer to be able to able to receive coaching for a

    limited time per week and preferably online.

    He has a limited budget and wants to know if any discounts are available.

    He is interested in starting coaching sessions early next year.

    He would like to read some material prior to the coaching session, and he wants to

    buy the Business Solutions book.

    He is also interested in finding out about any events that he could attend but doesn’t

    want to commit to anything at this stage. He is particularly interested in business


    The second Customer is Samiya Santos, highlighting the main points about her I have pointed out the following:

    Samiya has recently set up an online retail business, selling handmade designer


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    She is the sole business operator.

    English is her second language and she is worried about understanding technical


    She wants to book in for the one to one coaching sessions.

    She wants an immediate appointment.

    Her main area of interest is marketing, especially social media marketing.

    May you provide more more information as soon as possible on the matters above?


    Ana Dias

    Emails to Jason Smith within timelines specified

    To: Jason Smith

    Subject: Aus. Biz Coaching Services

    Dear Jason,

    I am Ana from Aus. Biz Coaching Services, thanks Jason for your call!

    I would like to confirm your request about the online group coaching service and the Business Solutions book.

    I have attached an invoice and you can pay for this over the phone or by credit card or by direct bank transfer.

    The cost of the online group coaching service is $1,300 and the Business Solutions book costs $159. The discount I can offer to you is $50 for purchasing both the group online coaching services and the book.

    I know that you have an interest in business partnership and we have an upcoming business partnership workshop. I highly recommend for you to attend this. Please let me know if you would like to book this.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Ana Dias


    Last updated: Sep 2023

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