APC-Assessment 1




APC-Assessment 1

Assessment 1

Part A

  • Do you agree with ASB that engaged employees and satisfied customers are inseparable? Why or why not? Provide examples from your own experience to illustrate your answer.
  • Yes I do agree with ASB because the organization must encourage the employees to engagement in the process in order to make the customers satisfaction. The employees must always present themselves in a positive manner such as greeting the customers nicely and willing to help them all the time.

    To assess customer’s emotional engagement, the bank asked customer to respond to statement like they always treats customer with respect, customer feel proud to be an ASB customer. The bank believes that engaged are key to engaged customers.

    According to my own experience I have been to the bank so many times and the staff always treats me nicely and professionally.

  • What role do you believe employee engagement plays in earning customer loyalty?
  • The employees are involved in using a mystery shopper surveys
  • Telephoning the customers who had a transaction with the bank
  • Asking the question while providing the services
  • Maintain a good relationship with the customers by using a nice greeting and thanking the customers at the end of service
  • What principles of improving customer satisfaction, engagement and retention does this case study illustrate? How can you apply them in your own workplace?
  • Profitability comes from having emotionally engaged customers and emotionally engaged customers come from fully engaged staff.
  • The bank devised a plan that included ensuring every employee knew its vision word for word. It gave employees vision statements to carry in their wallets, the vision statement was on every email employees sent and it hung in every bank. It was clear, memorable, understanding statement: To be New Zealand’s best bank and financial service provider and excelling in customer service.
  • In 2004 ASB was outperforming 90% of all companies in Gallup’s worldwide database of employment engagement. For four year the bank’s operating surplus grew by 20% and its assets increased by more than $7 million in there years.
  • How can apply in my workplace?

    According to the principles above I can apply it to my workplace in several ways for example I will create a policy that all staff must response to the customer’s needs as quick as they can in order to make them satisfied and maintain a loyalty with them.

    Part B

    Cha-cha Coffee

    Cha-cha coffee is a small coffee shops that offering only homemade coffee and bread. It is only 2 shops in Sydney which is open 6.00 am to 11.00 am every day. Our current customers are elder people we want to increase our target market by focusing on the students and people who are working in CBD area that could be a huge market in the future.

    Our unique selling points:

  • Homemade coffee
  • Fresh coffee
  • Low cholesterol
  • ......

    APC-Assessment 1
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    Low cholesterol

  • Healthy
  • Cost effective
  • To develop procedures how to deliver the products and services:

  • Providing a staff training
  • Put more staff in the busy shift
  • Implement the procedures to be more specific
  • Develop the team performance

    Treat people with respect:

    We must also treat staff with respect- realising and appreciating the work they do and acknowledging their talents, effort and commitment to the organisation, this orientation realises that staff are human beings rather than simply numbers or inanimate recourses.

    Develop team commitment and cooperate

    Develop and communicate team goals which are consistent with team goal. A performance plan can relate to all manner of work place activities, or it may focus on a single topic for example you may decide that your performance will detail the general activities of staff for a day or a week.

    Encourage open communication:

  • Ask question to encourage the staff the talk or express their point of view or opinion
  • Regular meeting for more opportunity to talk
  • Always briefing the staff let them ask and talk
  • Updating information:

  • Seeking information from different sources for more variety of information
  • Analyse those information before providing to the staff
  • Manage term performance

  • Assess team member performance
  • Assessing team performance is essential at the outset of training and team-building and on a continuing basis. The objective is to identify specific opportunities for continuous improvement, and to identify and acknowledge team strengths and achievements. In addition to assessment against established team goals, assessment within the context of the High-Performance Team Wheel can be conducted using the High-Performance Team Behavioural Inventory, part of the Guide for Coaching High-Performance Teams

  • Monitor team performance
  • Monitoring is the buddy system of talking someone under your wing to help them in their workplace endeavours –it a well recognised aspect of workplace training but is not as structure or formal training

  • Recognize and reward team achievements:
  • Presentation of awards
  • Commission
  • Bonuses
  • Holiday
  • Written report to management
  • Standards of Chacha coffee shop

  • All staff must be on time
  • Willing to help customer all the time
  • Well grooming
  • ...

    APC-Assessment 1
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