BSBMGT401 =Assessment1




BSBMGT401 =Assessment1

BSBMGT401 Assessment Task 1

Question 1

a) What expectations and/ or requirements would the organisation have about Jennifer’s knowledge of the organisation, her performance and behaviour as a frontline manager?

Frontline leaders play a key role as intermediaries between senior leaders and employees. They have to implement strategies and decisions passed down from senior leadership, provide updates to senior leadership, and escalate issues and problems from the frontline. In addition, frontline leaders must satisfy the needs and expectations of employees on a day-to-day basis, again while relaying information back to senior leaders.

Despite the critical role played by frontline leaders, most leadership research has neglected them, focusing instead on the role and influence of senior leaders at the top of the organisation.

Staff Development is the continuous process of passing on new knowledge and skills that relate to one’s profession, job responsibilities and/or work environment. When properly carried out, staff development plays a key role in maintaining trained, informed and motivated employees.

Organizational success is dependent on the ability to communicate with one another, whether this interaction takes place face to face or virtually. Every interpersonal interaction is an opportunity to develop trust and exert a positive influence. In any job, but especially as a supervisor, effective communication is one of the most powerful skills needed to achieve goals.

b) What sources of workplace information are available to help Jennifer in establishing the organisation’s requirements?

  • Pamphlets from organizations who are trying to get the word about the organisation’s requirements out to as many people, and employers as possible
  • Online government websites that have pertinent information about the organisation’s requirements
  • Law enforcement agencies that are charged with enforcing the laws detailed in the organisation’s requirements
  • Libraries that have written material on-hand
  • Social media sites like YouTube will often have informational videos that people have made about the subject of organisation’s requirements issues
  • The office of the workers compensation board will have information to help you learn more about the subject
  • c) How could Jennifer monitor her own performance?

    Jennifer can monitor her own performance when she saw that she has achieved the goals that she has set and compare the results with the planned performance. For example her team members are doing the job well as she has trained them or there has been an increase in sales. When the customers are satisfied there will be no complaints at all. She can also monitor her performance when she will get good feedback from her superiors and everyone is satisfied with her job. Also when she will see what she has contributed in the organization.

    Question 2

    a) Describe how Matthew can behave as a positive role model to his team during this period of change.


    A good role model has high moral values.



    BSBMGT401 =Assessment1
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    Most people admire those who project confidence. Good role models have a healthy appreciation of their accomplishments.


    Role models demonstrate their commitment to a desired goal and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to achieve success. They don’t give up easily and they persevere when confronted by obstacles.


    In order for role models to be influential, they must show respect for others. Young people appreciate being treated with respect and admire those who treat them and others that way.

    Optimistic and Creative

    Role models inspire others with an upbeat, optimistic outlook on life. It’s unlikely that anyone would want to emulate a pessimistic individual.

    Question 3

    Describe the characteristics of an effective performance plan.

    1. Engagement

    A key element in the process is the engagement of all levels of staff throughout the organization. Staff engagement generates additional input and helps build their commitment to the end plan. It is essential to involve employees in the planning of strategy and direction for the organization.

    2. Communication

    Strategic Planning processes are successful when a bottom up and top down communication approach is taken. It starts off with a communication to all levels of employees informing them that a Strategic Planning process will be undertaken.

    3. Innovation

    They put teams of individuals together to work on these major initiatives and give them investment money to ensure success.

    4. Project Management

    Once the strategic plan is together, there are two critical elements related to project management. One is to identify the projects that are required to ensure success in the execution of each strategy. Another is to develop a prioritization of all these projects to ensure the high priority ones have the proper resourcing to ensure success.

    5. Culture

    Organizational Culture is the commonly held attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours of its employees. The culture of an organization is as unique and diverse as an individual’s personality.

    Question 4

    a) Develop a range of key performance indicators that would be suitable to monitor and report on the performance of customer service officers. If you are currently employed you may develop key performance indicators to measure performance in your own work team.

  • Organizational Vision – To be known for our superior customer service and satisfaction.
  • Organizational Objective – To reduce the number of dissatisfied customers by 25%.
  • Organizational KPI – The number of customer complaints that remain unresolved at the end of a week.
  • Team Member’s Goal – To increase the number of satisfactory complaint resolutions by 15% this period.
  • Taken to the next level, each employee goal should have at least one associated KPI. How will you specifically measure, on a regular basis, whether or…


    BSBMGT401 =Assessment1
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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