BSBWHS605 WHS management System 1




BSBWHS605 WHS management System 1

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

Assessment Task 1

Participate in presentation and consultation session (role-play) with board of directors and CEO (your Trainer)

I will participate in a lot of the planning and meetings which will help to contribute to the final event. I will provide my opinions of any ideas about the design, schedule, activities, etc. This will make the event more successful, bring more customers and have a good time.

Some of the meetings that I will be a part of are:

  • Initiation Meeting
  • Distribute Project Initiation Plan
  • Project Kick Off
  • Status Reports
  • Team Meetings
  • Sponsor Meetings
  • Written outline of WHSMS core elements (revised if needed) including responses to:

    To make sure that the event is successful, I will need to make sure that we have all the necessary resources and tools to succeed. This means that I will need to consult with other departments to consider all the resources needed and all the tasks that need to be complete by each team.

    For example:

    Accounting – I will need to make sure that the budgeting is accurate and that I can allocate the right resources to each task to maximise the performance

    Marketing – I will need to advertise to increase the number of sales and increase profit

    The WHS audit will be done to make sure that the event does not have any serious hazards or dangerous that could risk the health and safety of the stakeholders of the event. The WHS audit will inspect any dangers, find any issues with the event and also provide others with the information about the rules and policies of WHS.

    The event premises will also be assessed for any risks and hazards such as slippery floors, uneven tiles, block fire exits. The emergency exits must be clear from any obstacles and all customers and stakeholders must know where the emergency exits are located in case of an emergency.

    Others risks such as financial risks, management risks, operational risks, physical risks and environmental risks must be considered as well. contingency plans must be created for t...

    BSBWHS605 WHS management System 1
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    hese risks.

    Draft WHS policy

    All stakeholders must contribute to keeping the workplace safe and healthy for everyone.

  • They must follow any rules
  • Use proper safety equipment
  • Use the correct tools for each task
  • Understand the emergency procedures
  • Do not block the emergency exits
  • Diversity Policy

    There will be a strict no tolerance policy on discrimination. This means that no one can be discriminated against for their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Social Class
  • Dress Policy

    The dress theme will be semi-formal, meaning that people should try to dress smart casual.

  • Shoes must be worn and no Sandals/thongs
  • No Singlets
  • No Short Pants for men
  • Emergency procedures


  • Rescue anyone possible
  • Alert anyone that is unaware of the emergency
  • Contain the hazard and try to control it
  • Extinguish/Evacuate the hazard or make sure that it does not harm anyone
  • Injury Procedures

    PRICE procedure is used for any soft tissue injury.

  • ProtectRest
  • Ice
  • Compress
  • Elevate
  • ...

    BSBWHS605 WHS management System 1
    Last updated: Jul 2022

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