BSBWRT301 Written assessment




BSBWRT301 Written assessment


Task 1

Produce Documents

Document 1: Marketing plan/report

Market Size

The size of the market is quite large as it is targeting the medium income market. This will be the average of the population which is still very large. Most of the medium class workers are populated in the Sydney area and area around this area. With the market expanding to businesses, the market can grow even larger as more and more customers are introduced to the service.


The size of the market is increasing rapidly. It is growing into more and more lifestyles, and the market is becoming more and more popular with business workers. This may be because of the effectiveness of the Thai style of massage. The customers that come into the massage shop are quite stressed and tense but when they leave they will be so relaxed and calm.


There are very different reasons for receiving a massage. Most of them are for people who need to relieve some stress, but others come to Thai massage shops for medical reasons such as pain relieving and physiotherapy. Therefore most of the customers are hard working business people with a lot of stress, and then there are the customers who do a lot of physical activities and need some pain relief.

For each purpose, there are many different techniques and styles of massage that will enhance the experience of every customers. The different styles of massage will also have different prices and the length of the massage will change. Whichever style that the customers choose, SABAI DEE THAI MASSAGE AND BEAUTY SHOP PTY LTD will ensure that they receive a massage that is well worth the money that they spend.

Competitors Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Advertising Objectives

  • The increase of shop sales and service activities and source of new clients.
  • Build on the existing shop structure, ensuring that the resources including personal, system and procedures and developed and managed to meet the business plans.
  • To provide first-class customer service and promote good practice within the shop.
  • Promotion

    The company has identified the best ways to advertise for this type of industry. The first way would be to advertise using posters and flyers and distributing them into peoples mailboxes. This is effective and will be the areas attention of the service. The other ways are through radio and newspaper. These are more exxpensive but most high income business workers read the newspaper regularly. After the company has gotten a large enough customer base, the company will start advertising through websites and emails.

    Document 2: Safety Report

    Ensures that the company is complying with all OHS policies and procedures.

    Managers have the responsibilities:<...

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  • To ensure that Manual handling policies and procedures are being implemented
  • To ensure that their staff are sufficiently trained and are knowledgeable of the correct Manual handling procedures
  • To design work practices and procedures that will have the least amount of risks as possible
  • To ensure that the organisation has enough resources and equipment to reduce the amount of lifting, carrying and moving heavy loads.
  • To ensure that employees are well known of the bad lifting practices.
  • To report all incidents, accidents and injuries. This is a OHS requirement and will be a breach of OHS if not reported
  • To provide all necessary safety clothing and equipment that can prevent OHS.
  • Task 2

    Research Report

  • Identify the enterprise style guide/house style
  • House style is a set of guidelines used in schools, in the publishing industry, in companies and organizations of all types, that sets out things such as punctuation (quotation marks inside or outside a period), grammar, preferred spelling and capitalization (gray / grey or Web site / website), formatting of citations and other references, abbreviations (TX / Tex. or US / U.S.), and other matters related to both the readability and visual appearance of printed documents and Web sites.

    House style may follow a standard style guide such as The Chicago Manual of Style (US), the Associated Press Stylebook (US), The Oxford Style Manual (UK), CP Stylebook (Canada), or one of many other published style guidebooks.

    House style may include matters such as the preferred fonts, colors, margins, and acceptable formats for electronic submission of materials. It may also dictate the way in which a company logo can be used (aka brand style guidelines — for example, the exclusion zone) and what standard style guidelines to use for matters not specifically addressed in the organization’s internal house style guide.

  • Outline formatting styles and their impact on formatting, readability and appearance of documents
  • 1. Paragraph styles are marked with a paragraph symbol: . You can see the paragraph symbol in the Quick Style gallery as well as in the Styles task pane. Click anywhere in a paragraph to apply the style to the entire paragraph.

    2. Character styles are marked with a character symbol: a. Click anywhere in a word to apply the style to the entire word. Or you can select more than one word to apply the style to more than one word.

    3. Linked styles are marked with both a paragraph symbol and a character symbol: ¶a. Click anywhere in a paragraph to apply the style to the entire paragraph. Or you can select one or more words to apply the style to the words that you selected.

    Different styles:

  • The Chicago Manual of StylePocket Guide to the Chicago Manual of StyleMLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly…
  • ...

    BSBWRT301 Written assessment
    Last updated: Feb 2022

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