Manage Employee Relations – assessment part 2 role play




Manage Employee Relations – assessment part 2 role play

Manage Employee Relations

Assessment part 2

Role Play

Task 1

5 Points to consider prior to having a discussion with Mary

  • Time
  • Time is an important factor to consider. This is because the discussion must be long enough to get all the information needed. It is normal for the discussion to take longer than one session and therefore, it is important to provide time for the discussion. The time of the discussion is also important. The discussion to be during a time that Mary chose. This is to make sure that the time is when she feels most comfortable.

  • Place
  • Place of the discussion should be considered. The meeting should be in a room that is private. No one should interrupt the discussion. Place should also be comfortable and encourage Mary to open up.

  • Methods of Discussion
  • There are many ways to discuss the issue. However because we do not know what the issue is, it is hard to find the best methods. I will try:

  • Sharing my own problems
  • Asking her directly
  • Find information that can be related
  • Active Listening
  • I have to make sure that I can actively listen. I have to listen to every word and try to ask questions that will help get a better understanding. My questions are important and if I ask the wrong questions she could feel uncomfortable. Also have to make sure that I understand how she is feeling and make her feel okay with talking more.

  • EAP Program
  • The EAP program or the Employee Assistance Program may be helpful for Mary. If there is an issue which she needs time to resolve, the EAP will be able to help her. I have to consider whether she needs the EAP and I will consider telling her about the EAP.

    Task 2

    Role Play

    Regional Manager: Hello Mary please come in

    Mary: okay

    Regional Manager: how have you been Mary?

    Mary: well there are some things that are bothering me but recently I have been doing okay

    Regional Manager: I heard about your incident with Frank. Are you okay?

    Mary: oh yes I apologise for that. It was not good to have a situation like that in front of everyone. But there was a reason. I don’t think I need to explain it

    Regional Manager:I understand. I know maybe you do not feel comfortable but I really feel that I can help you.

    Mary: this is a personal matter. I’m not sure if you can help me.

    Regional Manager: well if you do not tell me what is it, how can I even try


    Manage Employee Relations – assessment part 2 role play
    Last updated: Jul 2022

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    well if you do not tell me what is it, how can I even try

    Mary: well it wasn’t about Frank. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Regional Manager: well I’m worried that this could happen again if we cannot help you. Please try to understand that we care about how you feel. And your actions do affect others in the workplace

    Mary: yes I’m sorry. So it was because of alcohol. Usually I can control myself but that day I had too much to drink and everything just made me frustrated.

    Regional Manager: do you think that this alcohol problem will become serious.

    Mary: I can’t tell at this point, alcohol seems to be the only thing that keeps me distracted from my home. There are personal issues that make me want to drink all the time.

    Regional Manager: well you should know that alcohol is a problem that many face. Would you consider yourself an alcoholic

    Mary: well I do drink almost daily, but I feel that I can control it, just haven’t tried.

    Regional Manager: sometimes alcohol will affect you before you even know it.

    Mary: yes I know. But alcohol seems to be my only friend when I need it.

    Regional Manager: you cannot rely on alcohol to be your medicine. People will be affected by you. I believe that you should consider an EAP program. This will help you sort out your Alcohol problem and can also help you deal with your personal issues.

    Mary: but I think I can handle this myself. I do not an EAP support to help me.

    Regional Manager: maybe you feel like it is unnecessary but there is help for you. People understand how you are feeling and have experienced the same things as you. You are not alone

    Mary:I told you. I can handle this myself. If I feel like I can’t I will let you know

    Regional Manager: okay, so can you explain why you need to rely on alcohol so much?

    Mary: well alcohol just makes me feel relaxed. All the stress and pressure around me is gone when I get tipsy.

    Regional Manager: this is true, but it is not the best way. Once you recover from the alcohol, all these problems will still be there. Also when you are drunk, you may not act yourself, putting others in danger

    Mary:well. I never really thought about that. I always felt that alcohol solved my problems for me. I think I should be selfish. I’m sorry.

    Regional Manager:that’s alright,


    Manage Employee Relations – assessment part 2 role play
    Last updated: Jul 2022

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