Support Community Participation and Inclusion




Support Community Participation and Inclusion

Support Community Participation and Inclusion

Activity 1

Factors to consider include:

  • The skills and capabilities of the client
  • Motivation and desire to learn
  • Disabilities or problems
  • Organisational and government policies and procedures
  • Activity 2


    Katie has an intellectual disability which means that she may not make the right decisions all the time. She will need a supervisor to make sure she is doing tasks correctly and will also need someone for advice on decision making tasks.


    There are many ways that she can improve her skills. The most common is a training course to give her the important knowledge of policies and procedures and also gives her the formal qualifications that she needs to look reliable. This training should be adjusted to her disability as she may not be able to take a lot of information all at once. Her strengths and weaknesses are quite obvious as she has previous experience with her own garden, but has the intellectual disability that could cause many risks.



    I would firstly list and write down all the support network names and also write the contact details next to them. I would also keep in touch with them by emails and phone calls. Letting them know that their service may be useful. They should also confirm their specific services and roles that they play in the community.

    Activity 3


    By using the list created in activity 2, the information, such as names can be found. Also on the internet, you can find the contact details of all these networks and many more.


    I will firstly have to confirm the information with the staff of the networks. Also reading the information on the website can be very useful.


    There are many ways to communicate the information to Katie. One way is to email her, phone call her, give her an interview with the information on hard copy etc. these are the most effective ways.

    Activity 4


    This is because different cultures perform tasks differently and have special needs and requirements that other culture do not. Therefore, these needs and requirements must be considered when making and implementing a community integration plan.


    Stereotyping is when a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing is used to describe all of the types. Some people are offended by stereotypes that are offensive or misleading. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the cultural differences, however do not stereotype these cultures.


    The workplace must be very basic and should not be promoting or targeting specific families, cultures or ideologies. The workplace should be neutral in all aspects.

    Activity 5


    People with disabilities suffer from a lot of social and emotional issues. The social issues include:




    Support Community Participation and Inclusion
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    span style="">Loss of friends

    Difficulty adjusting to change

    The emotional issues include:



    Difficulty adjusting to change


    The basic strategies include:

    Preventing bullying, discrimination

    Support services for these disabilities

    Funding for equipment and tools

    Activity 6



    Joe will be much more beneficial in the supported care facilities where they have the experience and equipment to care for Joe at any time. His family will also be benefitted because they will not have to be worried about his seizures and epilepsy.

    Activity 7

    Review and evaluation processes are used to monitor and tract the progress of clients and their activities. This is great for identifying strengths, weaknesses and improvements or decline. This can then be used to adjust the development plan or procedures.

    Activity 8

    As a paraplegic, learning and vocational courses can be difficult. It will depend on the client’s seriousness and how detrimental the intellectual disability is. If there is little impact on the learning abilities, this should be supported.

    Activity 9

    Written Questions


    Providing them with transport

    Giving them the supervision they need

    Given them the equipment such as wheelchair



    Review and Analysis


    Personal integration inventory


    A community support plan will include the follow information:






    Government Acts and policies


    Empowerment is to:

  • Work to enhance the independence and self determination of the person with a disability
  • Foster the independence of a person with a disability
  • Contribute to the development and review of policy and legislation related to disabilities and disability services
  • 5

  • Treated with respect
  • Proper treatment
  • Freedom of their life
  • Appropriate equipment and tools
  • Do activities that they want
  • Ask…
  • ...

    Support Community Participation and Inclusion
    Last updated: May 2022

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