Characteristic of my workplace

Thai restaurant that is located on Dee why beach. We serve Lunch and dinner menu. The Thai traditional food is our concept. We offer dinner take away and home delivery for the convenience. The customer can see the view of Dee why beach with the 150 comfortable seats.

Product and service

– Thai traditional food ; the taste will be very strong and most of the ingredient is herbs that is importance for Thai food

– The restaurant serve the full service such as refill the rice, refill the water etc. that is not charged included in the bill. Except public holiday that will including surcharge $2 each bill

Relevant health and safety legislative requirements.

  • Duty of care – the employer has a duty of care which means that the employer has the ensure that the workplace environment is safe and suitable for visitors and employees.
  • WHS – Work Health and Safety Act is a very general and broad legislation which relates to all health and safety policies and procedures in the workplace.
  • Risk management – risk management is about identifying and dealing with certain risks that occur in the business.
  • Hazard Management – generally, this is about identifying hazards, Analysing hazard and minimizing or controlling hazards.
  • Food Safety – as a restaurant, there are many food policies and procedures that need to be followed.
  • WHS information

    There are a large number of ways of how health and safety information is provided to staff. The most common would be through their induction process. When staffs first join the work team, they will be given all of the health and safety information that they need to operate safely.

    If there are any changes to the health and safety information, the staff will be provided with updates information through either an email or given a hard copy. The health and safety information can also be provided to staff through a team meeting. This is very effective for smaller work groups because the staff can easily discuss any confusions they may have or provide feedback.

    Areas of Improvement


    The Health and Safety procedures need to be monitored using a records log. The log will help keep any WHS related issues recorded. Workers will need to be be trained to log any accidents, WHS issues or hazards into the logbook as soon as possible. Each entry must have the person’s name, type of issue, date, any other details that are relevant to the WHS procedures.


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    ues or hazards into the logbook as soon as possible. Each entry must have the person’s name, type of issue, date, any other details that are relevant to the WHS procedures.

    Risk Identification

    For identifying hazards, the employees, customers and visitors are the one that have the responsibility to identify the risks and hazards. The staff and manager has the responsibility of identifying the possible solutions and analysing the effectiveness and efficiency of the hazards. The manager must make sure that there are no risks for any of the staff or visitors.

    Recommended WHS Training Programs

  • First Aid Course – the first aid course will help the workers identify methods of handling injuries
  • Manual Handling – trains staff on how to properly carry and handle large objects manually.
  • Evacuation and Emergencies – how and what to do during an emergency or evacuation situation.
  • Risk management – how to handle and manage risks in the workplace.
  • Benefits of WHS

    A good work health and safety procedure is good business by:

  • helping organisations create safer work environments
  • reducing injuries and injury-related costs – by pre-empting injuries, employers save money on medical expenses, the injured employee’s wages, insurance claim excesses,  replacement labour and increased workers’ compensation insurance premiums
  • improving business opportunities – many companies have preferential purchasing policies that favour purchasing products or services from companies with an OHSMS
  • providing measurable systems that can verify OHS performance
  • demonstrating that the organisation is meeting legal requirements, and
  • enhancing the organisation’s reputation
  • Help your business to manage staff more effectively by defining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.
  • Save time by allowing health and safety matters to be handled quickly through an existing procedure, rather than staff dealing with problems as they occur or responding differently each time the same issues arise.
  • Simple improvements to workplace safety practices can quickly increase competitiveness, profitability and the motivation of employees. In addition, the implementation of a new OHS management system can rapidly provide an effective framework to prevent or minimize accidents and workplace related ill-health and thereby show an immediate return on investment.


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