Woolworths Vs Stockland




Woolworths Vs Stockland

Woolworths and Stockland – SMART objectives and Goals


Woolworths and Stockland both are both the leaders in their market industries. This can be proven from the Woolworths 43% domination of the market, compared to its biggest competitor, Coles with a 37%. Stockland is Australia’s largest property group with a wide range of properties available.



“To be recognized as a dynamic Leader in Fresh Food and grocery retailing with an enviable reputation for customers care and service, employee support and development and community environmental leadership”

Simple – This vision is quite simple. It is a vision of development and achieving great success in the Fresh Food and grocery industry. Woolworths wants to achieve a high reputation and become a supermarket that is trusted by customers.

Measurable This vision is measurable through the KPI’s, growth and development of the company.

Achievable – Woolworths is one of the only companies that could achieve this goal. For any other companies, this goal will be almost impossible. Woolworths however is already the leader in the market and will only improve it if follows its organizational goals and objectives.

Realistic – It is quite unrealistic for smaller companies to have a vision this big, however for Woolworths this vision is very realistic and very believable.

Time – Time is one of the most important factors in achieving this vision. This vision is not one that can be achieved in a short period of time. Gaining reputation will take a lot of time and commitment. Woolworths has showed great consistency and commitment to their customers which has given them such a positive reputation and position in the market.

Overall this vision is very positive and SMART. This is a vision that will gain the support of the customers. It benefits the entire population and is one of the influential factors to why Woolworths has become the most popular supermarket chosen by customers. The best way to improve the reputation is to satisfy customers, which is what Woolworths is striving to do on a daily basis.


“Not merely achieve growth and profits but to make a worthwhile contribution to the development of our cities and great country.”

Simple – This vision is simple and shows that they not only plan to grow as a company but help the community to grow as well.

Measureable – This vision is can be measured by monitoring the amount of buildings being constructed which are contributing to the development and growth of the cities and Australia.

Achievable – Stockland has great potential as a company and has already achieved this vision in many ways. Stockland has become one of the biggest contributors to the development of the country and will continue to contribute immensely.


Woolworths Vs Stockland
Last updated: Jan 2023

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tockland has become one of the biggest contributors to the development of the country and will continue to contribute immensely.

Realistic This vision is realistic for Stockland as Stockland has already contributed to the development of our cities and great country and has the potential to become one of Australia’s biggest contributors in the future.

Time This vision will take time however efforts will be noticed straight away. A vision that is big and is about the development and growth of a city cannot be instant. It takes time and consistency to fulfil such as big vision.


Both these companies have visions of a better future. Woolworth’s vision is more about the power and reputation of the company which will be used to benefit the customers, environment and employees. Stockland’s vision is more about the development of the cities and countries, making it seem like a less self orientated vision. Stockland’s vision will be more pleasing to the customers and shows that Stockland cares about the country and communities within.

Both these visions are believable and realistic. They are believable because these visions are beneficial to their companies. Growth and development is one of the most desired visions of any company and motivate companies to grow. These visions mirror their organisational goals and are achievable if they follow the same strategies that they are using now.

Values of the organisation

Both companies have very similar values; however some values are quite different. Woolworth’s values reflect more on the customers and their treatment. Woolworths values their reputation among the customers and ensures that they are satisfied. This is quite different to Stockland which have a more organisational set of values. These values are about the treatment and relationships between the Stockland community and the service to their stakeholders. This may be due to the fact that Stockland has a very different market. Stockland aims for businesses and organisations where as Woolworths customers, are the individuals who walk into the supermarkets.

Values can be created to improve the popularity and image of a company and that is why some companies have created values that only improve reputation however do not follow these values. Woolworths and Stockland are both companies with great reputation and have proven to their customers and stakeholders that their service is honest and their values are real.


Woolworth’s sustainability strategy has been very successful and has achieved a far greater result than expected. Woolworth’s major effect was carbon emissions and therefore Woolworth’s first goal was to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. This was a very different approach to Stockland’s sustainability strategy. Stockland’s strategy was more related to energy efficiency.

Though energy efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions both are slightly related, they can represent completely different methods of sustainability. Sustainability does not always relate to the environment but also the increase in resource efficiency. Stockland is Australia’s largest property group and the fact that Buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the world’s carbon emissions; Stockland has a great opportunity in being one of Australia’s best sustainable companies. Buildings can be easily modified to become more energy efficient such as just changing the light-bulbs of every building to a more eco-friendly…


Woolworths Vs Stockland
Last updated: Jan 2023

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