BSBINN601B Manage organisational change


Assessment 1 – Theory Assessment

BSBINN601B Manage organisational change

Recommended text: Cole, K. Management Theory & Practice (Chapter 21) and IBSA resources

Performance objective

The candidate will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to identify change requirements for an organisation.

Assessment description

Using the scenario information supplied, the candidate will identify strategic change needs, review existing policy, monitor trends in the external environment that impact on organisation’s objectives, identify operational change objectives, prioritise change requirements and consult experts or specialists to assist in identification of change requirements and opportunities. The candidate will then write a report to management outlining the change requirements.


  • Review the scenario information provided (in the Appendix of this task) for Fast Track Couriers.
  • Prepare to write a report on change requirements for Fast Track by following steps 3–10 below.
  • Analyse the organisational objectives provided in the scenario to identify the change requirements for Fast Track Couriers:
  • Identify requirements for change
  • Goal A: Implement PDA/ GPS usage (productivity function) on truck fleet in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year. Requires a half-day training session.

    Goal B: Implement one person/truck policy using automatic lift gates in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year. Requires a half-day training session.

  • Prepare an explanation of how your identified change needs link to the organisation’s strategic plan goal/s.
  • Drivers have historically reacted negatively to change. Change implemented in the past has met with resistance and was therefore difficult to implement. Drivers have in the past done their best to block any changes from being implemented, even going to the lengths of threatening strike action and having the union involved to assist with resolving the issue

    Review the organisation’s current state to understand how the current policies, practices and operations deliver against the organisation’s strategic goals.

    Fast Track Couriers currently allocates two drivers per truck to ensure that drivers are able to load and unload heavy packages. The strategy going forward is to remove the need for having two drivers per truck by installing an automatic lift gate on the back of each gate at a cost of $10,000 per truck. It is the fast track courier’s intention to use these surplus drivers to drive the new trucks that will be purchased to enable the company to extend its services to regional NSW.

    Review the organisation’s performance against objectives with regards to its:

  • People: Fast track is currently using 2 men on a single truck which cost more to pay 2 worker for a same job.
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  • Processes: Fast track is recording there delivery/pickup timing manually which may not be accurate.
  • Technology: Need to install the latest technology GPS/PDA to improve work efficiency.
  • Structure:
  • Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan goals:
  • identify two external trends
  • Technology:
  • Political
  • Social
  • Economical
  • Develop an explanation of how the trends currently impact or will impact organisational objectives.
  • Technology: Fast track are running old fashion manually loading and unloading stuff from truck which cost them 2 worker for one truck. If they install the automatic lift gate on the back of each truck that will save time and only one driver will be needed to operate all the work.
  • Political: Political changes relate to changes in government influence. In recent years these changes have been particularly significant. We have to adopt directives and regulations created by the government. Political changes are closely tied up with legal changes.
  • Identify major operational change requirements:
  • Identify changes due to performance gaps.
  • A performance gap occur if the current performance of a process, work unit, or employee is different than the desired performance as reflected in baseline or standards.

    Currently Fast track is using manual loading and unloading which reduce them to deliver maximum of 3 deliveries in an hour, but if we install automatic gates driver can deliver 5 deliveries in an hour. So company performance is under

  • identify changes due to business opportunities
  • When listing opportunities consider everything that helps to grow business (technology, Market growth) Fast track have the opportunity to expand their business in the regional side of the country, get the latest technology, new training programmes for the employees to awareness of changes

  • identify changes due to threats
  • There are many internal and external threats business can face during the change in business structure (operational, strategically) like change in market trends, economical up and downs, new regulation from the government, change that affect to access to your business and competitive threats, also consider some internal threats like labour issues.

  • Identify changes due to management decisions.
  • Manger have always been faced with the need to make decision that effects employees, customers and stakeholders. Now the business going to implement new methods and introducing to technology that will replace the old work procedure.

    Introducing automatic gate for loading and unloading will make work…


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