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Manage employee relation city institute

Manage employee relation

Part 1

Task 1

The human nature of the labour that is engaged

  • Demographic
  • Man and women who has the age between 20- 45 work in the organisation

  • Skill level
  • They have capability or skill to do the job and normally they all have at least 1 year experience in their field

  • Employment condition
  • Full time job
  • Full time job which has the contract basis and have the agreement between employer and employee

  • Part time
  • Work in some days but the agreement can be changed all the time because they don’t make contract

  • Casual
  • Do work sometimes when the employee absent and the person who work in casual type will be stand by for do the job instead

    The communication style/ type between management and workforce

  • Between the employee and organisation
  • Via email
  • Post on the board
  • Announcement
  • Newspaper of the organisation
  • Between the employee and employer
  • Meeting – to discuss within the workplace . brainstorming the ideas and make dicision together
  • Conference – formal meeting
  • Face to face conversation to be confidential
  • Between the employee and external customer
  • Feedback form
  • Complaint/complement
  • Survey/questionnaire
  • The employee mood/ temperament

  • The employee have to work with diversity so they have to following :
  • Be calm down
  • Control the anger
  • Be polite
  • Respect each other
  • The employer have to work with diversity so they have to following :
  • Control the employee with the kindness but under the rules or legislation
  • Be friendly and helpful
  • Be good consulter
  • Good listening and understand
  • Task 2

    Part 3

    As there is always a small amount of resistance to change, it is important to develop strong strategies that would ensure the compliance and agreement goes well. The most important part of the prevention of the resistance is to make it clear why the change must be made. In this situation, it is a very logical and obvious reason why the change must be made. If the reason is logical and reasonable enough, the amount of resistance is minimized.

  • equity and fairness and consistency – the employee must always use these 2 valu...

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  • es as part of their hiring process. They are not allowed to discriminate against anyone because of any of racism attributes

  • Equal Opportunity – every employee must be given a fair chance at any task, job and position
  • Antidiscrimination – no discrimination is allowed in the workplace
  • Diversity – The diversity must be embraced and not looked down upon.
  • Training – employees must be trained properly and sufficiently.
  • Fair trades act
  • Employee protection
  • Anti discrimination
  • OH&S
  • WHS
  • Part 4


    Anti-discrimination law

     The objective is to make the standard that is result to treat people equally , an equal basis regardless of , age, , , , ,  and sometimes  and .

    six things you could do to enhance communication

  • Be patient
  • Establish rules such as no stereotyping or racism
  • Ask many questions to ensure there is no confusion
  • Write things down for confirmation
  • Make sure that jokes are not offensive.
  • Respect other cultures
  • Advertising content and use specific examples or explanation or each

  • Reducing quality to save money
  • Misleading advertising
  • Customer service by machine
  • Using children to attract adults to purchase products
  • Not following the organizational goals
  • Not treating customers fairly
  • Saying that your product is better than other companies.
  • No discrimination towards customers
  • Not keeping promises
  • Covering up errors and mistakes
  • trade practices act

    Make sure that customers are not being mislead or treated unfairly by companies. Companies must also not treat other companies unfairly as well. It is used to make the competition in a market more orderly and fair for all companies.

    Price – price fixing is not allowed. This means that companies make an agreement to both increase the price to make the profits higher for both but leave the customers paying more.

    Product – products must have all the features that were specified and the product must be of decent quality

    Place – the organisation must be at a location that is easy to find and follow OH&S laws

    Source of information for marketing codes of practice

  • Problems associated to fairness and inequality
  • Questionnaires and complaints
  • The source of information on the privacy laws?



    Manage employee relation city institute
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