WHS Assignment




WHS Assignment

Case Study 1

Task 1

Areas of safety training

Hazards of the Workplace

Key Provisions

Legislation responsibilities of managers and staff

  • Owner
  • Owner is at financial risk as the business is the owners liability
  • Also is legally liable for any issues with the restaurant
  • Manager
  • Make sure workplace is safe
  • Manage the health and safety of staff
  • Supplier
  • Have to comply with policies and procedures
  • Make sure the risks are minimised
  • Staff
  • These are the people most at risk
  • Have to comply with policies and procedures
  • Make sure the risks are minimised
  • Organisational Policies and Procedures for hazard management

  • Duty of care – the employer has a duty of care which means that the employer has the ensure that the workplace environment is safe and suitable for visitors and employees.
  • WHS – Work Health and Safety Act is a very general and broad legislation which relates to all health and safety policies and procedures in the workplace.
  • Risk management – risk management is about identifying and dealing with certain risks that occur in the business.
  • Hazard Management – generally, this is about identifying hazards, Analysing hazard and minimizing or controlling hazards.
  • Consultation

    With the consultation, the organisation can more easily control the WHS. The roles and responsibilities can be identified and communicated with the team. Without consultation, confusions and miscommunications can occur much more frequently. The team members also less understand of the reasons why they must do these roles and responsibilities.

    Task 2

  • Ways in which training can be provided
  • On-the-Job Training allows employees to learn by actually performing a specific job or task. The employee will perform the job and learn as he goes. On-the-job training can be structured by using hands-on application supported by classroom-type instruction. It can also be unstructured using only hands-on application.

    Job Rotation teaches current employees how to do various jobs over time. The employee will rotate around to different jobs within the organization, performing various different tasks unrelated to his original job.

    Job Mentoring involves providing an employee with an experienced coach to oversee his or her learning experience. The mentor or coach provides advice and instruction, but is not performing the job with the employee as in on-the-job training. The trainee employee learns the job firsthand and may consult the mentor or coach at any time for assistance.

  • commercially available course
  • WHS Training Course

    provider: Odyssey Training

    cost: $500

    c. internal coaching opportunities

    Coaching/Training Plan


    WHS Assignment
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  • Type of Training Session:WHS policy training
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Time:9am to 2pm
  • Venue: Sydney Training Centre
  • Task 3

    Inadequacies of Risk Controls

  • Poor elimination of risks
  • Poor substitution of risks
  • Poor PPE usage for preventing incidents
  • Task 4

    Hierarchy of controls

    The hierarchy of controls is as follows:

    1. Eliminate the hazard altogether.

  • Get rid of the dangerous machine.
  • 2. Substitute the hazard with a safer alternative.

  • Replace the machine with a safer one.
  • 3. Isolate the hazard from anyone who could be harmed.

  • Keep the machine in a closed room and operate it remotely.
  • 4. Use engineering controls to reduce the risk.

  • Attach guards to the machine to protect users.
  • 5. Use administrative controls to reduce the risk.

  • Train workers how to use the machine safely.
  • 6. Use personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Wear gloves and goggles when using the machine.
  • Task 5

    Incident and accident reporting

    My workplace has a log book which all the hazard control and risk assessments have been recorded. This is necessary for future references, if the same or similar situation occurs there will be records of how the situation was best resolved and controlled.

    Reporting incidents and injuries is necessary in any situation. It is a legal requirement and must be followed. My workplace procedure to report these incidents and injuries is in a log book as well. The incidents are written down with a short detail and the time and date next to it. The controls and methods used to handle the incident is also record for future use.

    Case Study 2

    Task 1

    Identify risks

  • This is the first step to controlling risks.
  • Implement risk strategies

  • This will reduce or remove the risk from the workplace.
  • Controlling risks

  • Making sure that they are not increased or serious.
  • Hazards of the Workplace
  • Task 2

  • Ways in which training can be provided
  • Web Seminar Training

    Using Web conferencing software, trainers can set objectives and ways to measure learning. It’s important…


    WHS Assignment
    Last updated: Jan 2023

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